UN Chief Calls Unequal COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Immoral and Senseless

Antonio Guterres, the UN Chief has called out the unequal distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Guterres classified rich nations hogging vaccines as immoral and stupid. He mentioned that hoarding the vaccine would choke off poorer countries’ access to vaccines risked undermining their own defences against the pandemic. Earlier this week, the World Health Organisation mentioned […]

Shocking! Nigeria Records Thousands Of COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Cases

COVID-19 Vaccine

The National Primary Healthcare Development Agency gave this report in Abuja. The agency said that there are thousands of people with a COVID-19 side effect in Nigeria. They shared this data in an article retrieved from PUNCH Healthwise. It revealed that Nigeria has recorded serious and non-serious cases. In Nigeria, there are; i. 191 serious […]

Experts Say COVID-19 Related Stress Can Cause Irregular Menstrual Cycles

COVID-19 Irregular Menstrual Cycles

A recent study conducted by experts concluded that COVID-19 related stress can cause irregular menstrual cycles.This claim was reported in this latest health news obtained from PUNCH Healthwise.Researchers at Northwestern University, United States, drew these statistics from 200 women. The result was revealed between July and August 2020. These women experienced irregularities in their cycles […]

COVID-19: 437 People Test Positive For Deadly Coronavirus In Nigeria

Coronavirus In Nigeria

COVID-19: 437 people have tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus in Nigeria today. In the latest health news in Nigeria, the country has recorded 437 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, September 29. This health news platform obtained from Health wise that the new cases of COVID-19 were in 17 states and the Federal Capital […]

Nigeria Lifts Temporary Ban on India for COVID-19 Cases

The Nigerian Government has lifted its temporary ban on India due to its COVID-19 cases. In May 2021, the Government placed a temporary ban on some inbound travelers. This included travelers from India, Turkey, South Africa, or Brazil. The ban was for Non-Nigerians who had been in those countries within 14 days of their intended […]