Healthcare delivery to the last mile.

Healthcare delivery to the last mile.

Wellness Healthcare Group is a leading Nigerian Healthcare Service Provider passionate about delivering quality healthcare to the last mile and improving healthcare delivery through affordability and technology to impact the general well-being of the people.

Why Wellness

We offer our customers a world of unique benefits because we know that our clients deserve only the best
even beyond the basic healthcare cover. Some of these benefits include:

We offer our customers a world of unique benefits because we know that our clients deserve only the best even beyond the basic healthcare cover. Some of these benefits include:


Our clients can change their hospitals / service providers every month while they can also upgrade their health plan benefits at any time during the policy period.

Seamless Referral System

Our clients can take maximum advantage of the wide range of medical specialists available within and outside our network of service providers through our end-to-end referrals system.


Our client’s member card offers them stress-free access to our national network of over 1,000 best-in-class primary, secondary and specialist hospitals

24 Hours Call Service Center

Our hotlines provide you with round-the-clock access to us for enquiries about your scheme eligibility, plan benefits and hospital access issues thereby removing all barriers to quality care and service.​

Continous Engagment & Interaction

Through our Client Engagement Programme, our clients can benefit from regular updates about their health plan and have access to general health information.

Enrollee Feedback Programme

Our feedback program is designed to enable us feel our clients’ pulse so that they are better served.


Speak to a doctor from the comfort of your home with our telemedicine service , You can access our telemedicine platform at 0800TELEMED or 08008353033 ( Toll free )

We have you covered

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Our Businesses

We take healthcare delivery to the last mile through different platforms.

Wellness HMO

Wellness Health Insurance is a leading HMO service provider in Nigeria, committed to revolutionizing healthcare financing and delivery in the country. Our clients enjoy affordable premiums and seamless access to high-quality healthcare services. We are dedicated to resolving any concerns promptly and efficiently, providing stress-free access to innovative and responsive healthcare solutions.

Wellness Pharmacy

At Wellness Pharmacy, we are committed to offering accessible and affordable health solutions to the communities we serve. Our retail community pharmacy chain is renowned for providing top-notch pharmaceutical care and products that meet the unique needs of our customers. You can rely on our trusted name in the industry for quality health solutions.

Wellness Medical Distribution

Wellness Medical Distribution is a leading supplier and distributor of pharmaceutical products, laboratory reagents, vaccines, and biological products to healthcare providers nationwide. Our supply chain connects clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare providers with the products they need to deliver quality care to their patients. Count on us for reliable and efficient distribution of healthcare products.

Wellness Technology

Wellness Health Technologies was founded to leverage the increasing focus on innovation in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to democratize access to affordable care by providing health solutions through cloud computing. Our extensive range of products is designed to improve access to quality healthcare for everyone. Trust us to deliver innovative and affordable healthcare solutions through cutting-edge technology.


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