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We offer a variety of healthcare Producuts

We deliver healthcare to the last mile through our tech product

Wellness Plus

Wellness Plus is a mobile application that gives users the choice to access healthcare on the go at any time and pay for just the care needed even without a health insurance plan. Wellness Plus App gives users the power to choose their health benefits and preferred hospital without restrictions in the creation of an HMO Plan that suits their needs.

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Wellness Micro

Wellness Microcare is a tech-enabled preventive solution that takes healthcare to the last mile. It leverages health workers as agents to increase access to healthcare services for individuals in underserved communities in Nigeria. Through this preventive solution, we hope to reduce the impact and burden of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension known as silent killers.


Pharmacentre is a B2B, and B2C ecommerce for Pharmaceutical Products Distribution and it is designed to improve accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency in pharmaceutical products distribution and pharmaceutical care delivery.

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