Wellness HMO

We are a customer-centric brand passionate about people's well-being by paying attention and responding promptly to clients' needs.

Wellness Health Insurance is a pacesetter in Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) services in Nigeria, was established to positively revolutionise healthcare financing and delivery in Nigeria.

Our enrolees enjoy seamless access to care through our affordable premiums, flexible and responsive approach to ensure all concerns are resolved

Our Plans

Corporate Health Plan

Annual billing only

This health insurance is designed just for corporate entities, with several benefits and services you can’t imagine.

Family & Personal Health Plan

Annual billing only

This is a tailored to suit specific health needs of individuals and families with benefits structured to ensure your Wellness all year round (for ages 59 years and below)​

Wellness on the GO

You have the choice to access healthcare on the go at any time and pay for just the care you need even if you don’t have a health insurance plan

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