About Wellness Healthcare Group – Wellness HMO

WELLNESS HEALTHCARE GROUP is a leading Nigerian Healthcare Service Provider that is passionate about delivering quality healthcare and improving healthcare delivery through affordable and seamless services that impact on promoting general wellbeing in Africa.

For over a decade, the organization has consciously risen to the task of becoming Africa’s leading provider of healthcare and wellness products and services.

With a management team made up of professionals with many years of industry practice who work round the clock, Wellness is poised to re-define the standard and quality of healthcare services on the continent, starting with Nigeria.

A customer-centric brand that is passionate about well being, Wellness equally makes available undeniably superior and exceptional customer service by paying attention and responding promptly to clients’ needs, with the team’s actions undertaken with a high sense of duty and responsibility.

With an empathetic team that play major roles in the Healthcare Industry Value Chain, the organisation has been able to deliver quality care across various channels.

Self-care Pharmaceutical

Currently, Wellness pharmacies, located at 10 Agboyi Road, Alapere and 15 Adesoye Street, Maryland: both in Lagos State, are reputed for offering affordable pharmaceutical products and quality pharmaceutical care.

According to the founder, Adetutu Afolabi, a pharmacist of repute, “Wellness Health Insurance is a pacesetter in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) services in Nigeria, was established to positively revolutionize healthcare financing and delivery in Nigeria. Our enrolees enjoy seamless access to care through our affordable premiums, flexible and responsive approach to ensure all concerns are resolved, 24 hours Call-Centre service, continuous education and interaction and seamless referral system.”

Among other things, Wellness Medical Distribution deals with the supply and distribution of pharmaceutical products, laboratory reagents, vaccines and biological products to retail outlets, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare providers across the nation, with optimized distribution models that increase the effectiveness and fortune of stakeholders.

In the past, the organisation has also touched the lives of Nigerians through various CSR initiatives like ‘Wellness for Life’, where selected women were adopted by the organization and given healthcare services for life as needed. Wellness Healthcare Group has also been offering free medical care to the children at Heritage Homes (an orphanage) in Anthony, Lagos since 2017, which is all part of the organisation’s commitment to making the world a healthier place.

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