Spain Sends Strong Warning To Anti-Abortionists With 2022 Anti-Abortionist Law


Spain Sends Strong Warning To Anti-Abortionist With 2022 Anti-Abortionist Law

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A new law in Spain prohibits anyone from intimidating a woman from having an abortion.

This new law was disclosed in a bulletin reported by AFP, on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said this law will be effective in the coming days. Specifically, after it has been published in the state bulletin.

The extant penal code was also affected by this law. What this means is that anti-abortionists could face up to a one-year jail term.

From this anyone trying “to impede (a woman) from exercising her right to voluntarily interrupt pregnancy” through “bothersome, offensive, intimidating or threatening acts” would be jailed.

Anti-abortionist society

In 1985, Religious Catholic Spain decriminalised abortion.

The outlined condition for abortion are as followed:

  • Rape.
  • Malformed foetus.
  • Risky pregnancies for the mothers.

In 2010, the once staunch Catholic state broadened the law. This new law allowed abortion to hold within the first 14 weeks of conception.

But, Spanish women still encounter obstacles when trying to get the procedure. The OMC doctors association said that most Obstetrics and Gynaecology doctors still refuse to do the abortion.

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The report claims women still encounter anti-abortionists who try to persuade them from getting an abortion.

Is abortion a crime?

As the legislation was deliberated, anti-abortion activists rallied outside the building against the “criminalisation” of their protest.

The activists from the Right to Life platform maintained that abortion is not the only solution to unwanted pregnancies.

“Praying is not a crime and we will continue to pray and offer our help to all those women who need it so that they can see that abortion is not the only solution,” said spokeswoman Inmaculada Fernandez in a statement.

“More than 6,000 children were born last year thanks to the help of pro-life groups and none of the mothers regretted giving birth.”

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In a 2018 report by ACAI (a body for abortion clinics), Spanish women shared their abortion experiences.

According to AFP; 

88 per cent said they felt harassed when visiting an abortion clinic.

66 per cent said that they felt threatened.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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