Three Important Things You Must Do Before An Abortion


Three Important Things You Must Do Before An Abortion

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A Nigerian doctor has explained a few things every woman must do before having an abortion.

Dr Damian Avar popularly known as Sabi Doctor took to his YouTube channel to share his wealth of knowledge.

After stating two facts about the illegalities of abortions in Nigeria, he warned women to pay attention to this.

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According to PUB Medicine, abortion in Nigeria is illegal and may attract a jail term of 14 years.

The health portal explained that the only time abortion is allowed in Nigeria is when the life of the pregnant woman is at stake.

Confirming the facts, the doctor reminded viewers that abortion remains illegal.

He revealed that statistics have shown that there 1.2 million abortion cases in Nigeria.

Also, half of the data are carried out illegally.

However, he stated that his focus is on what a woman must do before she considers an abortion.

According to him knowing you Rhesus factor before going for an abortion is very important.

What is Rhesus Factor?

Rhesus factor is a protein that is found on the surface of red blood cells. Individuals with the protein are called Rhesus positive while those without it are tagged Rhesus negative.

Multiple medical data analysis revealed that 85 percent persons are positive while 15 percent are negative.

How to know your Rhesus factor?

To learn about the status of your Rhesus factor, you must first of all do a blood group test.

The blood group test has the RH ‘+’ you are positive while negative shows RH ‘-’.

Relationship between Rhesus Factor and Abortion

If a woman is Rhesus negative and her child is Rhesus positive, in the event of an abortion, miscarriage or pregnancy the blood can mix up.

When the blood of a Rhesus negative mother mixes with a positive baby, the woman develops an anti-body. This leads to the body fighting off any Rhesus positive blood. This is because the negative body interprets Rhesus positive as harmful.

So, what happens is that when the Rhesus negative mother gets pregnant again with a Rehsus positive child, the antibody fights off the child which leads to a miscarriage.

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His words:

“The topic of abortion is one that is very controversial and has always been the case from time.

“While there are countries that have legalized it, there are also other countries that prohibits it.

“For example, in Nigeria, voluntary abortions are still considered illegal. They can attract penalties of up to seven years jail term for the woman and 14 years for the doctor.

“The only time the law excuses an abortion is when the woman’s life is being threatened or at risk by the pregnancy.

“Other than that the law says it is illegal. Even with this law in place, people are still procuring voluntary abortions daily. In fact, studies have shown that over 1.2 million abortions happen in Nigeria yearly. Over 60 percent of these abortions are considered as unsafe.

“This is a very big problem.”

The health expert then hastens to the point of his post which is the Rhesus factor.

“Rhesus factor is a protein that is found on the red blood cell. People who have this protein are called Rhesus positive while those without the protein are called Rhesus negative. About 85 percent are positive while 15 per cent are negative.

“To know your Rhesus factor, all you have to do is a blood group test. If your blood group has a plus sign ‘+’ or RH+ it means, you are positive. However, if it has a minus sign or RH-, then you are negative.

“What has Rhesus factor got to do with abortion? If a Rhesus negative woman gets pregnant and her baby is Rhesus positive, the baby’s Rhesus positive blood can mix up with the mother’s Rhesus negative blood. This can happen during an:

  • Abortion.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Delivery
  • During any procedure that makes the mother and baby’s blood to mix up.

“The reason why the mixing up of blood is important is because the woman is Rhesus negative, her body might start building an immune system against Rhesus positive blood. The implication of this is that if she gets pregnant again and her baby is Rhesus positive, those anti bodies will attacks the baby’s blood severely that a miscarriage can happen.

“This is among the reason why women with the Rhesus negative blood often have miscarriages.

“If you are Rhesus negative and your man is positive, when pregnancy happens, there is a chance that child is positive.

“ If you decide to abort, make sure your body is prevented from producing the antibodies. This is because your future pregnancies would be in jeopardy.”


To prevent this from happening the doctor advised women to take the RhoGAM drugs.

See the full video here

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