health Bill

Senate Improves Health Sector With Important Health Bill In 2022

health Bill

Senate Improves Health Sector With Important Health Bill In 2022.

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The house of the senate has passed a bill establishing the Health Education Practitioners Board.

The News Agency of Nigeria announced this in circulation on Tuesday, April 5.

The passage of the bill commenced after consideration by the committee on health held in the house.

Senator Yahya Oloriegbe from Kwara said this bill would set the right standards in health education.

According to him, this would determine the standards of those seeking to be health educators in Nigeria.

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He listed some responsibilities of the board which is;

  • Establish and maintain a record of the register of members.
  • Register members of the profession.
  • Conduct examinations for the members.
  • Award of certificates or diplomas prescribed by the board.
  • Regulation of the practice of health education in Nigeria.
  • Facilitation of advanced healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

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He explained that health care delivery would be facilitated through:

  • Research.
  • Innovation.
  • Training.
  • Development of the health sector.

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Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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