We have a
health plan for YOU

We have an health plan for YOU

Non-Enrollee? No worries we have a plan just for you


Services we offer Non-Enrollees


Buy HMO Plan

 Do you wish to buy health insurance  plans for yourself and others?


Do Medical Checkup

You can do your medical check up on our wellness plus app. From optical and dental check up to basic and comprehensive medical check to cancer screening tests .

Order medicines online and delivery. Pack of medicines, pills and masks.

Buy Medication

Buy medication on  pharmacentre 

Portrait of confident black doctor standing with her arms crossed while holding a seminar at convention center.

Talk to Doctor

You don’t have to go to the hospital for basic illness
talk to our in-house doctor to avoid wasting time at the hospitals


Request for Call / Meeting

Do you need us to have a meeting with you?


Buy Wellness Microcare Device

We have devices that can help monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure with remote care


Sponsor a Community

Do you wish to conduct a medical outreach for a group of people or community?
You can also sponsor a community by gifting them health insurance plan from WellnessHmo.

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    Talk to a doctor from Wellness

    Contact Sales

    Talk to Sales

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