Diabetes Stress

Pharmacist Cautions Nigerians On the Consumption of Sugar

Diabetes Stress

A Nigerian Pharmacist has advised Nigerians to control their sugar intake or be exposed to diabetes.

Pharm Bright Edom said this at a health conference in Lagos.

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Edom highlighted the following foods and drinks as triggers of diabetes. They are:

  • Beverages.
  • Beer.
  • Flour.

His words:

“Diabetic Support and Prevention Foundation was primarily established to help indigent patients who cannot afford their normal medications and to sensitise the public on the debilitating effects of this disease.”

Edom further advised the government at all levels to subsidize healthcare treatments.

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He also urged the Government through the necessary health institutions to sensitize the people.

Edom continued:

“In order to minimize the consumption of unhealthy sugars, we have introduced into the Nigerian market, a healthy range of Tropicana Slim Brand Sweeteners.

“Stevia with Chromium, which is a great combination of Stevia leaves extracts as a natural sweetener and chromium picolinate that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose level.

“There is also zero calories Diet Sticks Sweeteners made of maize and sorbitol which is a natural ingredient. These products were specifically formulated for diabetes and for good lifestyles for non-diabetics.  We also have sugar free coffee drinks with stevia with chromium.  People should cut off unhealthy sugars in their meals.”

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Bright Edom is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Andersons Pharmaceuticals Limited.

He is also the convener of the Diabetic Support and Prevention Foundation.

He said that his team have concluded plans to educate people on Type II diabetes.

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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