Pharmacist Sends Serious Warning About Paracetamol Abuse


Paracetamol Abuse: A Pharmacist sends a serious warning.

A Pharmacist has warned against paracetamol abuse and revealed the side effects.

Pharmaceutical Scientist, Tony Oyawole said the abuse of paracetamol could lead to blood cancer.

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He also said that people who indiscriminately use paracetamol are exposed to liver and kidney damage.

In a chat with PUNCH, Oyawole warned Nigerians to desist from self-prescription of pain killers.

He specifically mentioned that the indiscriminate use of pain killers are dangerous for the health.

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Oyawole explained that Although paracetamol is simple, it can be dangerous when used without prescription.

His words:

“Paracetamol as simple as it is also very dangerous if not taken according to the prescription.

“The overdosage of paracetamol can affect the liver and kidney.”

He explained that for someone with an underlying kidney condition, the use of overdose painkillers can be lethal.

The pharmacist said this could be “lethal because those organs can be compromised.”

“That is why it is advised that it should be taken strictly the way it was prescribed.”

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He emphasized that taking paracetamol abuse could lead to addiction to the drugs.

“When you say a chronic paracetamol user, you mean people who take paracetamol at any little pain for maybe what he perhaps needs a little rest for.

“It can become a habit to such extent that the person takes it daily or routinely. This is not advisable. Ideally, paracetamol is supposed to be taken three times or at most not more than four times a day according to the prescription.

“But when you have a situation where you are taking paracetamol five or six times a day, it is engaging the liver and subjecting the kidney to untold hardship,” he continued.

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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