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Another Pig To Man Organ Transplant Conducted In Birmingham

Another medical team have conducted a pig to man organ transplant in Birmingham, United States.

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This breakthrough organ transplant was announced on Thursday, January 20

The medical team said it carried out a pig to human kidney organ transplant.

It was obtained that this kidney transplant is the second of its kind.

The first was conducted on a brain-dead recipient.

Dean of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Heersink School of Medicine, Selwyn Vickers lauded this feat.

He expressed optimism about xenotransplantation or cross-species donation. He noted that this could one day solve the chronic shortage of organ donation in the country.

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“Today’s results are a remarkable achievement for humanity and advance xenotransplant into the clinical realm,” said the dean.

The first successful kidney transplant

The first xenotransplantation of pig to man kidney was conducted in New York on Sept 25, 2021.

A team at the New York University Langone conducted it with a brain-dead patient on a ventilator.

We learned from health observers that the family of the patients had allowed the experiment.

The procedure involved the following:

  • Attaching a kidney to blood vessel.
  • Placing the attached kidney on the patient’s leg.
  • Scientists observe and take biopsy samples.

UAB said in a statement that surgery took place on September 30, 2021.

Kidneys from a genetically-modified pig were placed in 57-year-old Jim Parsons. Parson volunteered to be an organ donor, however, his organs did not match.

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“The transplanted kidneys filtered blood, produced urine and, importantly, were not immediately rejected,” UAB explained.

According to an article in the peer-reviewed “American Journal Transplantation,” the kidneys were viable for 77 hours. This was the duration of the study.

Source: PUNCH Healthwise

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