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Marijuana Addiction (Weed) Exposes Youths To Madness

Marijuana Addiction (Weed) Exposes Youths To Madness

A study has revealed that youths addicted to marijuana also known as weed are exposed to madness.

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The study published on Thursday in the journal Addiction revealed that smoking weed causes brain damage.

It says the ability to think, solve problems and plan can be affected by smoking marijuana.

CNN reported that this new study has confirmed the impact of marijuana addiction on its smokers.

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This study claims that the negative impacts of smoking marijuana are high for adolescents.

Associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal Dr Alexandre Dunamis said;

“Our study enabled us to highlight several areas of cognition impaired by cannabis use. Including problems concentrating and difficulties remembering and learning, which may have a considerable impact on users’ daily lives.”

“Cannabis use in youth may consequently lead to reduced educational attainment, and, in adults, to poor work performance and dangerous driving.

“These consequences may be worse in regular and heavy users.”

Dr Megan Moreno, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin stressed on the cognitive impact of smoking weed.

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Moreno who did not take part in the study said weed was detrimental to developing brains.

“This study provides strong evidence for negative cognitive effects of cannabis use. And should be taken as critical evidence to prioritise the prevention of cannabis use in youth,” Moreno said.

“And contrary to the time of Cheech and Chong, we now know that the brain continues to develop through age 25.

“Parents should be aware that adolescents using cannabis are at risk for damage to their most important organ, their brain.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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