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Family Planning Association Sends Serious Message To Mothers

Family Planning Association Sends Serious Message To Mothers

Association for the Advancement of Family Planning in Nigeria has sent a strong message to mothers.

The Association advised working-class mothers to embrace family planning because it aids productivity.

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They also said that family planning has the potential to reduce maternal death by 30 per cent.

The Technical Management Committee Chairman, Dr Ejike Oji disclosed this to newsmen in Abuja.

In a chat with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday, he lauded the family planning initiative.

According to him, this was the best and most important ‘investment’ for mothers and babies.

His words:

“If you are able to space your children, you as a mother will be healthier and the children will be healthier too.

“The frequency of visiting hospitals will reduce.

“If you are working-class person, you will have enough time for productivity.”

The family planning technical committee chairman revealed that family planning services are free.

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Oji said that they are available in all primary health centres across Nigeria.

He also noted that the service was made accessible by primary health centres provision funds.

“In each of the primary health centres in the rural areas, there is a family planning service which is free.

“Unless the community or rural area has no primary health centre, then family planning service may not be available,” Oji said.

The health expert urged women to take this opportunity and secure their future. He emphasized that family planning is one way to do this.

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PUNCH quoted a Family Planning report from the News Agency of Nigeria.

The report said:

“Nigeria’s Contraceptives Prevalence Rate is 12 per cent according to the 2018 National Demographic and Health Survey.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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