UBTH In serious trouble

UBTH In Serious Trouble For Allegedly Killing A Student

UBTH In serious trouble

UBTH In Serious Trouble For Allegedly Killing A Student

Students have staged a protest over the killing of a fellow student by the UBTH health personnel.

The University of Benin Teaching Hospital has landed in serious trouble after reportedly causing the death of a student.

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Wellness Healthcare correspondence obtained this report from a viral post on Instagram.

It was gathered that a University of Benin student, Williams Edo-Osagie died out of negligence.

Our impeccable sources said the deceased was left to breathe his last by health personnel over an NHIS card.

Edo-Osagie was a student from the UBTH-Institute of Health Technology (ITH) department.

His friends told news sources that about 5 am, the deceased went to study at the UNIBEN’s basement. This structure is very close to the hospital located at the side gate of the school.

He was studying there when he reportedly caught a cold and was rushed to the hospital.

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Sources said the cold led to seizures and he was taken to the accident and emergency ward of the UBTH.

However, upon arrival, nurses denied him basic healthcare because he had no NHIS card.

According to some close witnesses, the nurses claimed the deceased was pretending and left him to die.

They said his body became lifeless after he was left to die on the floor for one hour.

Meanwhile, the nurses claimed he was brought to the health facility late.

But the students maintained that they were lying to avoid facing the consequences of their actions.

The students also told the media that the UBTH morgue refused to embalm the corpse over a 5,000-naira fee.

Wellness Healthcare also learned that the deceased was the only child of his mother.

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They said:

“He developed a seizure and was rushed to Accident and Emergency ward of UBTH by his friends but the nurses on duty refused to admit him requesting for NHIS card. They thought he was overreacting and they left him for over an hour on the floor in front of the building.

“Even the doctor on duty refused to attend to him saying he was tired and plugged his ears listening to music. Williams who was left bare on the floor struggled for oxygen and died. The nurses were confronted and they lied that he was brought in dead (BID). “Even when we took him to the morgue, the attendants refused to embalm him and were asking for N5K until we protested. It is pathetic that Williams—the only child of his mother—who had plans of travelling to Canada was cut short due to medical negligence. We staged a protest in the school on the matter because this is a recurrent issue on campus.”

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