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Government Set To Ban Virginity Test And Hymen Repair

virginity test

A country has announced its plan to ban virginity test and hymen repair across its shores.

The United Kingdom Government made this announcement based on repressive views.

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It was obtained that women were coerced into conducting the virginity test. In other instances, the women undergo hymen repair surgery to reconstruct their hymen.

According to a review by the Department of Health and Social Care and the Home Office, hymen repair surgery isn’t a medical procedure.

They explained that this procedure is a repressive procedure due to cultural differences.

According to health experts, virginity tests is not important. They added that because of this repressive culture it should be banned.

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The experts further said that banning virginity test would be incomplete without banning hymen surgery.

Their words:

“It is not a medical procedure and is based on repressive and inaccurate views about female virginity and the hymen. It is a form of abuse and violence against women and girls that has detrimental physical and psychological impacts on women and girls.”

What is a hymen?

A hymen is a thin membrane that covers the entrance to the vagina.

It is like a seal on a vagina that has not been engaged in any sexual activities or strenuous sporting exercise.

Stages of the hymen:

Puberty: The hymen becomes stretchy. The oestrogen causes the hymen to remain elastic.

Post-puberty: This ranges from thin and stretchy to thick and rigid.

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Hymen Repair Surgery

This is also known as Hymenoplasty.

What is Hymenoplasty?

This involves reconstructing the hymen through surgical intervention. Experts say that this is done by stitching the torn edges of the hymen together with dissolvable stitches. This procedure ensures that a woman bleeds during her next sexual encounter.

Source: PUNCH Healthwise

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