Three Shocking Signs Of Chronic Kidney Disease, See What Expert Says


A health expert has revealed three indicators of chronic kidney diseases to look out for.

The health expert, Dr Abiodun Adelowo, disclosed this during a chat with PUNCH HealthWise.

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Adelowo said that some transformations in the human body show serious health problems.

For kidney problems, he stated three transformations that suggest kidney issues. They are:
· Low sex drive.
· Swollen ankle.
· Swollen face.

He advised anyone experiencing these symptoms to go for a proper examination. The health expert said that these signs indicate chronic kidney diseases. He added that ignoring these signs could lead to kidney failure.

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Dr Abiodun Adelowo said that kidney failure occurs after 75 per cent of the kidney functionality is lost.

He emphasized the reduction in the sex drive of men and women as a major indicator.

Adelowo said that kidney disease is a long-term health condition and can be mistaken for other health issues. He stressed that consulting a medical expert is necessary for persons with these symptoms.

“When you notice some of these symptoms, it is a sign that you need to check them out before they turn to kidney failure.

“Some of these symptoms include i. persistent tiredness. ii. swollen feet. iii. Swollen ankle. iv. swollen stomach.

“Another symptom is when you wake up in the morning and noticed that your face is always puffy. When you observed these signs, then you need to get yourself checked.

“Also, when your skin is peeling unnecessarily or you are getting pale. You use blood tonic and after using blood tonic for a while you go pale again, remember that the kidney helps to produce red blood cells so if it is not functioning well, one of the things that will happen is that it will not produce red blood cells again.

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“Some people start vomiting or having nausea, loss of appetite. The level of urine output either increases or decreases. Also, if you experience a significant drop in sex drive, you may need to check your kidney.”

He listed these as the risk factors for kidney failure:

i. Constant dehydration.
ii. Family history.
iii. Unhealthy lifestyle.

Other risk factors from underlying diseases are;

i. Hypertension.
ii. Diabetes.

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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