PCN Advocates Patient-Centred Pharmacy Practice In Nigeria


PCN has announced that patient-centred pharmacy is the new focus of Nigerian pharmacists.

Dr Elijah Mohammed, the Registrar of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, PCN, advocated for the embrace of the patient-centred pharmacy practice model by stakeholders.

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He noted that the nation’s health sector would benefit greatly from it.

In a chat with PUNCH HealthWise, Mohammed said that the patient-centred pharmacy will aid healthcare delivery.

This is because patients would be exposed to clinical care pharmacists.

He stated that pharmacy has always had two main components:
i. Product-centered practice.
ii. Patient-centered practice.

The PCN Registrar said that the general misconception about patient-centred pharmacy practise was borne out of product-centred practice. Over the years Nigerian pharmacists have focused on product-centred practice.

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His words, “Pharmacists are moving to patient-centred practice. Not just because it is the global best practice but also because the patient will benefit more from it.

“It is this shift in emphasis from product to patient that is causing some misunderstanding. Some people are thinking that the focus of pharmacists on patient-centred practice could lead to pharmacists taking their job. But, that is not correct and it is not the intention of pharmacists.

“The fact is that the pharmacy profession has two major practice components. It has the product component and also the patient component.

“Over the years, Nigerian pharmacists have focused more on the product. They are, however, now also emphasising the patient as the centrepiece of pharmacy care.

“We are now looking more at the impact of the drug on the patient. This is necessary because it will help to maximise drug therapy in the patient.

“It will be beneficial to patients and other healthcare practitioners. The nation will also benefit from the expanded role and knowledge of pharmacists because there will be an improvement in healthcare delivery because of it. It will also promote the inter-professional relationship in the health sector.”

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He made this statement after the opening of the Lagos Zonal office. The registrar lauded the effort of the Chairman, Senate Committee on Health, Dr Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe. Oloriegbe was commended for his support of the PCN building project. Mohammed stated that his support reveals how collaboration can boost the health sector.

“Senator Oloriegbe is a medical doctor in the senate but he championed the construction of the PCN building which is for pharmacists. That shows the benefit of good relationships among health professionals.

“He has been helping to promote inter-professional relationships since he became the chairman of the Senate committee on health,” he said.

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