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NMA Send Strong Message On Prioritizing Healthcare Of The Elderly

Adamawa Specialist Hospital

The Nigerian Medical Association has sent a strong message on prioritizing the healthcare of the elderly.

This message was sent by the NMA, Lagos chapter.

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Dr Adetunji Adenekan, the chairman of the association advocated for early medical care.

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During the NMA Lagos Elders Forum held on Saturday, he said:

 “We encourage the elders not to forget that they still need some medical care and they should enrol in clinics where they can be taken care of. There is a need for them to seek early medical care.

“We are urging the govt to prioritise care for elderly people. Just like they are taking care of the young children, they need to also do the same for the elders.

“Our elders’ forum is one of our traditions. Where we keep in touch with past leaders of the association, past officers and also past physicians who have worked with the state government or practised in the private sector. It is also an avenue where we continue to take and benefit from their advices. We usually use the avenue to wine and dine them and celebrate with them for all they’ve done for us.”

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Dr Ime Okon, the secretary of the association spoke on the importance of the elders in the medical profession. He said the forum was an opportunity to learn from their wealth of wisdom and experience.

His words:

“In all associations, elders are always a bit wary about the current generation. So, we see this forum as an opportunity to gain their confidence. We know the words of wisdom from them will definitely help us in the health sector and our personal lives.

“These are people that have contributed a lot to improving the health sector and brought us to where we are today. We definitely can make do with their words of wisdom and that is why we have chosen this opportunity to honour them.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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