Nigerian Doctor Speaks On The Merits Of Wearing Makeup, Expensive Hair


A Nigerian doctor identified as Dr Pen King has advised women to embrace makeup and expensive hair.

The Nigerian Doctor took to his social media handle to drop this message.

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He advised women to embrace a lifestyle that would attract their likes.

According to Dr King, a woman who wears make-up and uses expensive hair can never marry a poor man.

He explained that lazy men would generally go for low budget ladies.

His words:

“The disadvantage of not wearing make-up and expensive hair is that you’ll end up with lazy men.

“These men specifically target low budget ladies.”

Meanwhile, according to an article on skin craft laboratories, some make-up contains harmful chemicals.

This has made the daily use of it unhealthy for a lot of women.

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The skincare website is not against the use of make-up. It, however, advocates for the use of healthy products and a healthy routine.

It says that some of these makeup chemicals cause:




According to the site, there are several side effects caused by the daily use of makeup. See them below:

Clogged pores:

Those who apply makeup regularly and leave it on their skin for a long time expose it to clogged pores.

According to Skincraft clogged pores restricts the skin from breathing.

This results in bumps, acne and other skin irritation.


Skincraft describes the untimely ageing of the skin as another side effect of makeup.

According to the site, this results from exposing the skin to sun damage.

Makeup users are therefore advised to use sunscreen first before applying makeup.

This is because sunscreen products maintain the skin, keeping the person youthful.

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Change of Skin texture

Makeup that does not suit a skin type can leave it oily or dry.

This eventually leads to breakouts.

Also, blemishes and discolouration.

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