Nigerian Doctor Called Out For Removing Teenager’s Ovaries


Nigerian Doctor Called Out For Removing Teenager’s Ovaries.

A family has demanded justice for their daughter after a Nigerian doctor allegedly removed her ovaries.

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The family told newsmen that the ovaries of their 18-year-old daughter, Dooyun Lanna was removed by a doctor identified as Agber Kwende.

According to Sahara reporters, Kwende removed Lanna’s ovaries during an appendix surgery.

In the report, the sad incident began when Lanna started menstruating at 14. However, when she reached age 16, she started experiencing abdominal pain during her period. The pain started precisely in May 2019.

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The 72-year-old father of the child then took his daughter to the doctor for treatment. The doctor was reported to have diagnosed her with a ruptured appendix and recommended the removal.

However, while treating the teenager, Dr Kwende reportedly removed her ovaries. He was also accused of destroying other important parts of her reproductive organs.

Lanna who was left with a bigger health crisis than she had two years ago started experiencing the absence of menstruation.

The girl who is now in Senior Secondary class 1, would frequently fall ill. Her father took her to four hospitals where it was confirmed that her ovaries had been removed. Also, she was diagnosed with shrinking fallopian tubes which suggests that she may never be able to conceive.

Lanna’s father who is a farmer said when they informed the doctor about the incident, he threw them out of his hospital.

This forced him to take the matter to the police who had him arrested for only one day. The aggrieved father said the doctor was granted bail by the police who are now supporting him.

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The farmer said he had spent over N100,000 to solve his daughter’s problem but to no avail.

Lanna’s father demands compensation for what the doctor did to his daughter.

His words:

“All the time we have gone back to the quack doctor to complain of the damage he had done, he chased us away. “We have been to more than four hospitals looking for a solution and they keep telling us that her ovaries had been removed.

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