United Airline Ghanaian Man,

Man Dies Due To United Airline Medical Negligence – Passenger Claims

United Airline Ghanaian Man,

Man Dies Due To United Airline Medical Negligence – Passenger Claims

A Ghanaian man has recounted how an American Airline medical personnel left a passenger to die.

The man identified as Eche Enziga came to a micro-blogging site Twitter to air his grievances about United Airlines.

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He alleged that the deceased who is a Ghanaian collapsed and was gasping for breath.

At first, he applied pressure to his chest area and he regained consciousness.

Enziga said that he and the other passengers pleaded with the paramedics to handle the situation with urgency. However, the man was left to keep struggling till he died.

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He recounted:

“Just witnessed a Ghanaian man die due to @united negligence on our flight from Accra to D.C. Welcome to America. Our @united flight lands in D.C. As we get off the plane, we notice a commotion on the walkway, a man has collapsed and is gasping for air struggling to breathe.

Airport staff and United personnel are standing around frozen to the spot. Nobody was helping this man.

I walked over to the man and noticed he had passed out. I started applying pressure to his chest area. After 15 seconds of pressure, he comes back to life. At this point, we are begging United staff to call the paramedics.

Paramedics arrive after 20 minutes, the man is laying on his back still struggling to breathe but conscious. The paramedics arrive with no sense of urgency, it takes them 10 minutes to start attending to the man.

They place the man on the gurney and say “we’ve got it from here”. Something bothered me about their lack of urgency. I noticed the man had stopped breathing again and called it to their attention. This time they couldn’t resuscitate him and this man died.

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Enziga further blamed the American system for failing the deceased because he was black.

He continued: “I’m typing with rage because this man did not have to die. The utter callousness and lack of urgency displayed by @united airline staff will stay with me for a long time. The man was an American citizen but it didn’t matter because his skin colour was the wrong colour.

The man was traveling alone, I’m not sure who his family is but he spoke Twi. To the family of that man, I hope you bring the biggest wrongful death suit against @united. We used to say “don’t let Nigeria”happen to you.

Now we must also say “don’t let America happen to you” as a black man or woman.

That man held on to my hand and wouldn’t let me leave even when the paramedics arrived. Almost like he knew he couldn’t trust the system to protect him.

I can’t continue to live in a world where black people are powerless bro. Shit has to change and it will.”

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