COVID-19 Patients

COVID-19 In Nigeria: No Death Recorded, 36 New Cases Confirmed

COVID-19 Patients

COVID-19 In Nigeria: There Were 36 New Confirmed Cases And No New Death On Monday, November 22.

In the latest health news in Nigeria, there have been no additional COVID-19 deaths in Nigeria. The number of deaths remains 2974.

Lagos State recorded the highest number of COVID-19 in Nigeria cases. 8 states recorded about 36 new cases. This was the update released by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) on Tuesday, November 23.

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The record of 26 COVID-19 related deaths reported on October 25 still remains the highest in recent time.

Lagos State leads with a record of 21 new cases. Kano follows with a distant record of 4 confirmed new cases and FCT follows with 3 new cases.

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Lagos – 21.

Kano – 4

FCT – 3.

Gombe – 3.

Niger – 2.

Bauchi – 1.

Plateau – 1.

Rivers – 1.

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control said the record of 36 new COVID-19 infections increased the number of infections in the country. Nigeria has now recorded 213,625.

The total number of deaths is currently 2, 974.

Active cases: 3873

However, the NCDC reports a record of 206,778 COVID-19 patients who have recovered and have been discharged.

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Again, the agency has lauded the activities of the National Emergency Operations Centre.

It added that a multi-sectoral National Emergency Operations Centre activated at Level 2 had coordinated the national response.

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