Brain drain

Two Strong Reasons Why Quack Doctors Should Be Avoided – Nigerian Reverend

Brain drain

Two Strong Reasons Why Quack Doctors Should Be Avoided – Nigerian Reverend

The Nigerian Reverend identified as Father Kelvin Ugwu has revealed two strong reasons why quacks should be avoided.

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The reasons are:

  • Loss of lives.
  • Lack of common sense.

He explained these reasons while recounting how a woman was left to die after some quack doctors forgot surgical cloth in her abdomen during a caesarian session.

Reverend Kelvin Ugwu said on Facebook that he met this woman four months after the CS.

According to him, the woman looked like a slim person with a nine-month-old pregnancy.

Ugwu said that the lady welcomed a baby in January 2016 at a hospital in Port Harcourt.

He said the woman knew something was wrong and complained to her doctor but they said she was fine.

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Several days after she was discharged, the woman still felt excruciating pains around her abdomen. The quack doctors administered painkillers insisting she was medically fine.

“A few weeks later, she started feeling serious pains, her stomach started protruding. So, she went to the hospital. Scans and tests were conducted, but nothing was discovered.

“According to the doctor, nothing was wrong with her medically. But since she complained of pains, she was given painkillers. When the problem persisted, her sister brought her to Lagos.”

He explained further that the woman did not feel better, instead, her stomach started protruding.

Ugwu explained that after bringing her to Lagos, the family had assumed that it was a spiritual problem.

So, they sought help from various “powerful” ministers and “powerful” churches to no avail.

In his account, the woman was given “goya oil” to consume which may have worsened her condition.

When he met her, he prayed and immediately told her people to take her to a good hospital in Lagos.

She was taken to Gbagada General hospital where a scan was carried out.

There, they” discovered that there was something foreign in her lower abdomen around the intestine.

“According to the doctor, a piece of cloth was forgotten in her stomach after the CS.

“This piece of cloth had already decayed inside, mixed up with the intestine, and had destroyed some delicate tissues.

“There was no other way for her except an operation in which the chance of survival was slim.”

He, however, said that the surgery was successful but the woman went into a coma.

Ugwu revealed that the mother of a four-month-old baby never woke up from the coma.

“I thought of the careless hospital and doctor that did the CS. I thought of the same hospital telling her that she was medically well, almost like telling her that her problem was spiritual. I thought of the churches and pastors she visited, the number of Goya oil she drank for four months that even got the situation worsened. I thought of many things. It was from that day I told myself, I may not be able to do much, but I won’t be silent over abuses in the name of healing or miracle and bad government.”

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-Take home-

The Spiritual leader said that it is good to have faith in God but it is also important to be practical.

His words: “I am a strong lover of God. I pray countless times in a day. I believe in God, in miracle, in his mighty powers. . . But, I also believe in God who gives reasoning and common sense to deal with practical issues. God of reasoning is not at war with God of faith. That is why some of you are not balanced. You have faith, but you don’t have sense.”

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