PHCs In Nigeria

Stakeholders To Improve Healthcare System In Nigeria, Set Up New Agenda

PHCs In Nigeria

Stakeholders in Nigeria have vowed to improve the primary healthcare system. They have set up a new agenda.

The stakeholders disclosed this at an event held in September. The event is themed “PHC in Nigeria; Progress, Challenges and Collaboration for Transformation.”

In the Primary Health Care Policy Dialogue and event, they lamented the poor health infrastructure.
Making the latest health news in Nigeria, the stakeholders also spoke about:
· Unreliable data.
· Inadequate funding.
· Fragmentation of Governance.
· Poor demand for PHC services driven by a loss of confidence in the system.

Our impeccable sources in this report about the latest health news in Nigeria lauded this agenda.
The former National Chairman of the Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria, Professor Tanimola Akande stressed the need for Primary Health care (PHC). He opined that this would make healthcare accessible to all.

“PHC is a major backbone to achieving Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria,” he said.

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Akande explained that healthcare in Nigeria requires a lot of work to strengthen the PHC.

According to him, the failed performance of the PHC remains a hindrance to the weak health system.

The former chairman also spoke about the impact on the mortality rate in Nigeria.

He showed data on the maternal mortality rate at 576/per 100,000 live births (one in nine maternal deaths worldwide). He also noted the infant mortality rate at 75/1,000 and the child mortality rate at 132/1,000.

Mr Akande claimed that the implementation of the new Health Sector Reform could prevent 70 per cent of deaths.

He spoke on the importance of major healthcare sources for repositioning to be successful.

He listed the:
· Health Tax Fund.
· Out-of-pocket expenditure.
· Wider Insurance coverage towards UHC.

He said that the Universal Health Coverage aims to achieve 90 per cent improvement on them.

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Akande revealed that the PHC caters for about 20 per cent. This percentage is low since the PHC should be catering for about 70 per cent.

He also revealed the appalling state of 30,000 health facilities at different levels.

The former chairman said that the National Health Policy hold the PHC as a critical part of the National Health System.

“The existence of a well-functioning health system and timely access to services is critical to attaining UHC,” he added.

Impact of COVID-19 On PHC in Nigeria
Another stakeholder who spoke at the event said that the crippling status of the PHC was heightened by COVID.

The Chief Executive Officer of ACIOE Associates, Dr Ekenem Isichei, said the government has to work with the private sector to improve the PHC.

His words: “Key here is a clear framework to get the government to work with the private sector. When you look at Lagos, Kano, Nasarawa and Kaduna states, the healthcare system there is a bit more dependent. If we have a stronger health system, we save lives and we save money.

“Even if we have another pandemic or outbreak, we already have a stronger system. The system that creates access to health for all people in the society and they can afford it.”

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