Nigeria Takes Major Steps In Eliminating Trans-Fat – WHO


The World Health Organisation has said that Nigeria is working towards the elimination of trans-fat.

The health agency said that Nigeria joined South Africa as the second country in Africa to pass the bill.

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The WHO said this in its latest press release issued on Tuesday, December 7.

This was an update on efforts by various countries to eliminate trans-fat by 2023.

What is trans-fat?

Trans-fat is an artificial compound that causes heart disease. Trans-fats are found in cooking oil, spreads, cakes, cookies, biscuits and some packaged foods.

Removing trans-fat from food supplies could reduce health crises and save lives. Also, the burden on healthcare providers will be reduced.

The UN health agency said that only 40 countries practice trans-fat elimination policies. This practice protects about 1.4 billion people in the world from hazardous food components.

According to the statement, 940 million people living in developed countries are also protected. However, people living in low-income countries are not protected.

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In their statement, the WHO noted the efforts of Nigeria. See the comments in the statement below:

“Other countries made advances that are likely to result in the passage of trans-fat elimination policies in the near term.

“Nigeria is also moving a policy which is expected to pass soon. Making it the second country in Africa after South Africa to put a best-practice trans-fat elimination policy in place.”

The WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus appreciated countries on the elimination.

He said, “the clock is ticking on our call to accomplish the global goal of eliminating industrially-produced trans-fat by 2023.

“The first-ever global elimination of a risk factor for non-communicable diseases is within our reach; all countries must act now to protect their people from this harmful and unnecessary compound.”

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The press release also revealed the number of countries with the highest burden of trans-fat. The reports noted that 10 of the 15 countries have not adopted a best-practice trans-fat policy.

These countries are:







The Republic of Korea.




Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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