best pharmacy in Lagos

Nigeria Pharmacy | How Wellness Pharmacy Saved Hadiza’s Life

best pharmacy in Lagos
best pharmacy in Lagos
Best pharmacy in Lagos

Nigeria Pharmacy | How Wellness Pharmacy Saved Hadiza’s Life

Hadiza rushed to her cabinet, clutching to her tummy as she coughed continuously. She opened the cabinet in relief but the look was quickly wiped from her face when she looked inside.
“Chai, wetin be this na?” She muttered to herself as she rummaged through the cabinet, scattering everything in sight.
“Hadiza, is it that you want to bring down this house?” She heard a voice ask. She turned around and saw her mother, Mama Hadiza, standing by the doorway clad in a wrapper with a toothpick sticking out of her mouth. Hadiza made to answer her mother but let out a cough instead. Mama Hadiza covered her nose and took a step back.
“Do you want to spread your cold? Take cough syrup na.” Mama Hadiza said, still clutching her nose.
“That is what I am looking for,” Hadiza complained as she continued to rummage through the cabinet.
“Wait o, it’s like I’m the one that used it last. That time you traveled, I bin get one kain cough like that so I use your cough syrup.” Mama Hadiza recalled. Hadiza turned to her mother in annoyance.
“Mummy now, what am I supposed to use now?” She asked.
“Na small thing jor. Oya, take…” Mama Hadiza brought out some Naira notes from her bra and stretched out her hand.

Best Pharmacy In Lagos - Wellness Pharmacy
Best Pharmacy In Lagos – Wellness Pharmacy

“Go pharmacy go buy another one.” She said as Hadiza collected the money from her.
Hadiza waved to her neighbors as she walked down the street in Lagos to the pharmacy next door. She glanced at the time as she arrived and luckily for her, it was past 9, which meant the pharmacy was open. She approached the shopping complex and went straight to the second floor where the pharmacy was located.
“Good morning mama Fatima, hope I’m not too early o.” She greeted as she stepped into one of the biggest pharmacies in Lagos.
“No, you’re not. How is your…?” Mama Fatima began to ask but was interrupted by Hadiza’s incessant coughing. Recognizing Hadiza’s struggle, Mama Fatima quickly headed to a section of the pharmacy to pick up a cough syrup for Hadiza. However, she came to a halt as she approached the section.
“Ah, wahala dey o.” She said as she turned back to Hadiza in sadness. “We no get cough syrup.” She said sadly.
Hadiza sighed as she rested her head on the counter. Where was she going to get cough syrup from? Mama Hadiza began to advise Hadiza on the local herbs to mix and drink so her cough would go away but Hadiza knew what she needed to ease her cough. She thanked Mama Hadiza for the tips and embarked on the journey to find the cough syrup, consoling herself that there were three other pharmacies in the area and at least one of them would have the cough syrup she needed and the exact brand.
But, she was wrong. After walking out of the third pharmacy in frustration, Hadiza sat on the pavement, plotting her next step when she realized she was sitting on a flyer. She got up to take away the flyer but something in the flyer caught her eyes. An advert for Wellness Pharmacy. She looked at the address. It was just one street away. She brought out her wallet and checked how much cash she had on her. She only had enough cash to take a bike to and from the pharmacy. If her efforts turned out to be in vain, she would have wasted the transport money in vain. After pondering for about three minutes, she made a decision.

Best pharmacy in Lagos-wellness Pharmacy
Best pharmacy in Lagos-wellness Pharmacy

As soon as Hadiza walked into Wellness Pharmacy, she knew she would find what she was looking for. From the way everything was neatly arranged to the way the pharmacists attended to her, she knew she had walked into the right place. So, it came as no surprise to her when they brought out the cough syrup she needed, in the exact brand. It immediately felt like the best pharmacy in Lagos.
Are you like Hadiza? Are you looking for a pharmacy in Lagos where you will always have access to medicines you need with no excuses? Then look no further than Wellness Pharmacy. We are one of the best and most reliable pharmacies in Nigeria, you can call us on 070093556377 or +23414408474. You can also send an email to

NOTE: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased) is intended or should be inferred.

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