Health Benefit Coffee addiction

How Coffee Addiction Starts, What Experts Say, What We Know

Health Benefit Coffee addiction

A health expert has spoken on the root cause of coffee addiction and its side effects.

In this latest health news in Nigeria obtained from PUNCH HealthWise, Dr Motolani Oyerinde also spoke on the abuse of coffee.

The health expert said that some people now rely on the consumption of coffee to perform optimally. She likened this addiction to that of cigarette and alcohol.

Oyerinde who is also a resident mental physician with LiveWell initiative emphasized on the addiction of the drink.

She said that this addiction has a terrible impact on the mood, the mind and the entire body.

Oyerinde gave this insightful discuss at the Wellness Webinar Series organized by the PUNCH Newspaper.

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According to the Physician, nobody plans to get addicted to coffee but it just happens.

The key symptoms of coffee addiction she gave were:
· Relying on coffee to sleep.
· Relying on coffee to stay awake.
· Taking coffee every day.

She concluded that this addiction like other addictions has a side effect of:
· Making the abuser a slave to the substance.
· Ruining the mood of the abuser.
· Abuser becomes very aggressive and angry.

Her words: “Sometimes the effect these things have on the mood, the mind and the body are very terrible.

“The ample effect is what we are trying to emphasize because it ends up damaging the mind, the emotions. The emotions become very aggressive, angry. People can abuse is coffee.

“So many people can drink coffee every day. Coffee is something people can abuse as a substance. They just keep on taking it every day.

“You have to understand that there are many other substances beyond cigarettes that people can abuse and with such abuse, the brain gets rewired.

“How do you know you are abusing your coffee. The first step towards abuse is misuse. It is when you are dependent on it to function.

“An example is if you did not sleep well you take coffee and when you are feeling sleepy and you don’t want to sleep, you take coffee.

“Before you know it, you are already taking too much coffee. At the end of the day, this affects your mind, emotion and body.

“Nobody plans to get addicted, they just become slaves to their habit,” she noted.

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