Cannabis to solve maths

NDLEA Reveals Truth About Impact Of Smoking Cannabis On Mathematics

Cannabis to solve maths

A Commander of the NDLEA has warned that smoking cannabis fails to help solve mathematics.

The Gombe State Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Ekaete Egwunwoke said this at a Sensitization Programme.

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The Programme was organized by the National Orientation Agency. Speaking at the implementation of the National Security Sensitization Programme Against Political Thuggery, Kidnapping, Drug Abuse, Radicalization and Violent Extremism, Egwunwoke debunked the myths against cannabis aiding mental task.

According to the popular myth, Cannabis assists in solving mathematics or another mental task.  

She said that it was deceitful to believe that smoking is beneficial to solving mental task. The Commander said that smoking any substance is, however, not beneficial to one’s health.

The Commander was represented by Deputy Commander, Olisaemeka Okafor.

When quizzed about the release of drug abusers without punishment, she said they are not criminals. She stressed that they should not be treated badly. Egwunwoke advised that they should instead be treated with care.

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Her words:

“I want to tell you that it is a lie from the pit of hell, no cannabis no drugs help anybody to know mathematics very well or to pass his or her examination.

“Drug users by international best practices are not criminals. The administrative criminal justice act operational in Nigeria equally doesn’t classify them (drug users) as criminals.

“They are only having health challenges which can be treated the same way cancer, HIV, hepatitis is being treated. Some of them started based on no reason of their own as some are forced to start taking drugs.

“For instance, if I give you crystal methamphetamine popularly known as Mkpuru Mmiri without your knowledge and you like it after tasting, you may want to try it again.

“Methamphetamine gives you a sugary taste worth more than a pack of 99 cubes. It is highly addictive and it is hallucinogenic. When you take it, you are taken to another World.

“So, the individual may want to have a go at it again. You can now see why it is no fault of yours that you are addicted. We simply take such a patient as a health-challenged person and not as a criminal. The court will not convict the person, you will be asked to go and rehabilitate that person.”

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She also spoke on the rise in the abuse of crystal Methamphetamine. This substance is also known as Mkpuru Mmiri in the South East. She stated that it should not be allowed to enter the North, stating that it may mark the end of Nigeria.

“Because if it comes here (North), we are in trouble in Nigeria, based on how people here abuse drugs. If it comes here Nigeria is finished. In the north here, people abuse prescription drugs, because of the culture. They don’t take beer like they do in the south.

“So, they take anything that can make them stay awake, to become stronger to do farm work for hours without interruption. So, if time Mkpuru Mmiri is introduced in the North, we are in trouble in Nigeria,” the Commander added.

Source: Punch HealthWise

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