COVID-19 In Nigeria Update

NCDC Sends Serious Guidelines To Educational Institutions

COVID-19 In Nigeria Update

NCDC has sent a new guideline to educational institutions within Nigeria.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control directed that teachers and students with high body temperature be denied access from schools.

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This was done to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The message was sent to school operators from basic to tertiary.

NCDC advised the staff and students who feel ill to treat themselves at a health facility until they recover.

According to the statement released on Monday, the NCDC advised persons above age 6 to get vaccinated.

It urged all eligible persons to get vaccinated at the nearest vaccination facilities.

The NCDC directed all school administrators to check the temperature of people at the point of entry.

The standard temperature it gave was 38.

NCDC added that persons above 38 degrees temperature must be denied access.

It said:

“Masks must be worn by all those over the age of 6 years on school premises.”

“Always ensure proper ventilation and minimum of the one-metre sitting distance between students in classrooms.

“Students and staff who feel ill should stay at home and seek treatment at a health facility immediately.”

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The Centre for disease control emphasized that vaccinated persons must adhere to public protocols.

“Those who are vaccinated must still obey public health measures,” it said.

Meanwhile, the NCDC advocated for the use of rapid diagnostic test kits in all educational institutions.

It particularly emphasized secondary school hostels and university campuses.

The NCDC advised that staff and students be tested during the resumption of schools. Also, persons with symptoms during the session should also be tested.

Since the outbreak of the Omicron variant in November 2021, COVID-19 protocols have been revisited.

Countries like France and England have experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases.

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Despite the influx of vaccines and booster shots, cases have increased all over the world.

In Africa, despite the surge, COVID-19 related deaths are low.

This has increased research into this new variant that spreads but appears less deadly.

Also, in France, a new variant named IHU was detected in January.

Source: Vanguard

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