unhappy nigerian couple low sex drive

Low Sex Drive: 5 Surprising Causes of Low Libido In Couples

unhappy nigerian couple low sex drive

Anyone who is or has ever been sexually active might have seen a moment when having sexual intercourse did not feel right. Sometimes a man that can go 30mins ends up with 46 secs, or a lady who gets excited won’t have it right.
Have you ever felt like your partner’s sex drive became too much for you and they don’t understand that you are not in the mood?
Ever had to ask yourself what could have gone wrong, how did you get there? But you can not find the answer to it. This is a more common issue than it seems, though a lot of people turn to herbs for a temporary cure. There are more costless options that can help with improvement.
Though there are obvious reasons why you are witnessing a low sex drive, the cause of this occurrence might be the last thing you can ever think of. This is because there are a lot of things people do daily that could cause low libido.
Most of these are easy to detect if you speak with our health specialists. Wellness healthcare has the best HMO plan in Nigeria and they are very affordable. With a health insurance plan with us, speaking with the best specialists in Nigeria will not be a problem. But if you still have doubts, here are some of the causes of low libido.

USE OF PAIN MEDICATION: Have you heard of viagra? Sure, you have. The same way viagra improves sex drive in people is the same way, scientists have proven that the use of pain relief drugs(opioids) will over time lower your sex drive because of its effects on testosterone. The use of these drugs could also affect reproduction in people.

ALCOHOL: You must have heard that alcohol increases your performance during sex, and yes it does, for a little while. Over time, it will start to take a toll on your libido, because as relaxing as this alcohol intake might be, it will start to relax your sex drive too.
Men who take in a lot of alcohol might start having difficulties in getting their penis up, while women who do, might find it hard getting lubricated and when they do, orgasm might be a tough one.

MARIJUANA: Some will tell you having intercourse while under the influence of marijuana will make the experience heavenly. Yes, it does. Using substances comes with a side effect on your sexual life, it weakens the pituitary gland. This is the gland responsible for testosterone. Some of the side effects include low arousal, erectile dysfunction(ED), etc. Nobody wants to be left with the worry of getting and maintaining an erection.

ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Yes, depression causes low sex drive, guess what, antidepressants too, can cause low sex drive. Antidepressants can be connected to a couple of sexual dysfunctions. Eg: low libido, inability to have and keep an erection, inability to reach orgasm, etc.
These side effects are not common with all antidepressants, so, speak with your therapist before getting on any of them.

ALLERGY MEDICINE: One of the most popular anti-allergy medications is antihistamines. Though it is effective in keeping you safe, this drug might be the reason you can’t be in the mood.
Antihistamines last in the body for 24 hours. When you have a sex appointment, stay away from the 24 hours prior.
Which of these are you shocked to be finding out?

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