Expert urges HMOs to partner Govt. on health insurance education

Mrs Adetutu Afolabi, Executive Director of Wellness Health Management Organisation (WellnessHMO), has called for more education on the benefits of health insurance plans to prevent financial frustrations associated with emergency healthcare needs of Nigerians.

Afolabi made the call at a programme tagged ‘Wellness for Life’, organised by WellnessHMO in collaboration with Hadassah Healing Foundation, in Lagos.

She said that awareness and acceptance of health insurance plans in the country was low, compared to the adoption of same plans in other African countries such as Kenya and Ghana.

According to her, many Nigerians are unable to access health care due to poverty, resulting in deaths from curable diseases because they cannot pay.

”Even with limited resources and competing social demands, the ideal of health for all is a compelling moral objective and should be pursued with all vigour.

”There is the need for more education on the benefits of health insurance plans and how it can be included in individual and organisations’ financial planning.

”Many Nigerians are not aware that with little money, they can access quality healthcare. This is where education and enlightenment is key, to prevent financial frustrations associated with emergency healthcare needs,” Afolabi  said.

She said there was the need for organisations such as HMOs to partner with government and educate Nigerians more on health insurance plans.

”In a society that is permeated with so many helpless people, not just in terms of feeding and housing, but also in regard to accessing quality health care, help should be given by organisations and well-meaning individuals who have the ability.

”This is why we felt that as a way of giving back to the society, we can adopt three women and take care of their health needs for life, instead of a one-off experience with Wellness.

“When a woman is empowered, her community flourishes; women are the pillars of the nation

”We have been partnering with Hadassah foundation — a women empowerment platform —  since 2015, where we educate women and select our beneficiaries via a yearly raffle draw.

” Each of the women gets a Wellness For Life certificate to access healthcare without hitch.

”We will not stop at three. We hope to increase the number of beneficiaries yearly, and we encourage other organisations to emulate this, so we can improve on our healthcare system,” Afolabi said. (NAN)

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