Wellness HMO Offers Lifetime Health Access to Lucky Women

Three lucky women were recently adopted by the Wellness Health Management Services Ltd (Wellness HMO) for its Wellness for Life initiative.

In partnership with the Hadassah Foundation — an NGO that furthers the cause of women in Nigeria — the women who were picked from a raffle draw would have a lifetime access to quality health care.

Explaining the partnership, Executive Director of Wellness HMO, Adetutu Afolabi, said:  “Hadassah Healing Foundation approached us in 2015 to help conduct health screening for women, and we saw it as a good initiative. We believe that the vision bearer, Adenike Lamai  is doing a lot of good, because gathering less privileged women from all walks of life  to teach them skills and also provide health services is a laudable project, especially because women are the pillars of the nation. When a woman is empowered, her community flourishes.”

About  20,000 women have been screened for their blood sugar level and high blood pressure since 2015 by the health insurance company,  while also providing medications and referral to hospitals.

The decision to place the women on their Wellness for Life initiative according to Afolabi was “a way of giving back to the society.”

She further explained that the selected women would be educated on the benefits of the gift and how they can access health care seamlessly with their access cards.

Wellness HMO, since its inception, has provided quality, affordable and tailor-made health insurance plans to her subscribers. However, Afolabi lamented the low patronage by Nigerians which she attributed to ignorance.

“The acceptance of health insurance, is very low compared to the adoption of same in other African countries like Kenya and Ghana. There is the need for more education on the benefits of health insurance plans and how it can be included in individual and organisations’ financial planning. You actually save more and can prevent financial frustrations associated with emergency healthcare needs.”

Source – This Day Live

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