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COVID-19 In Nigeria: PSC Set To Release Booster Doses To Aid Vaccination

Moderna Vaccines

The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 has taken a major step to deal with the pandemic.

Boss Mustapha, the Chairman of the OSC made this known.

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Mustapha said at a press briefing in Abuja said booster doses in the vaccination programme to build a healthy level of anti-bodies have been introduced.

He lamented on the increase in fatality cases of the COVID-19 in Nigeria. Adding that this has called for urgent attention.

World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the booster vaccine dose boosts the COVID-19 vaccine. It is usually administered to someone who has completed the COVID-19 doses. It also helps to build a healthy level of anti-bodies.

The booster also provides longer protection against symptomatic COVID-19 infection.

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The PSC chairman explained further that the vaccination phase is being accelerated due to surges in Europe. He said that these surges are as a result of under vaccination.

Mustapha also revealed that from Nov 20, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) shall begin a mass vaccination plan.

He assured Nigerians of vaccinating 50 per cent of the targeted population till Jan. 31, 2022.

Boss Mustapha also addressed the issue of illegal vaccination records and certificates. He vowed to prosecute anyone caught in the act.

“We have received intelligence reports and even detected that some unscrupulous citizens are procuring vaccination cards through the black market.

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“Let me assure everyone that the vaccination records/certificates will be verified. This should serve as a warning to those criminally-minded persons to desist because they will be prosecuted accordingly,” he said.

The PSC Chairman also advised travellers to heed all protocols in and outside the country.

He said that there were media reports that some citizens could not board due to failure to comply with pre-departure protocols. This protocol compliance affected those leaving and entering the country.

Mustapha added that the National International Travel Protocol portal had been upgraded. This was to enable it to fulfil the demands of those travelling.

Source: Guardian

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