OAU Postgraduate Student

Body Of Murdered And Buried OAU Postgraduate Student In UTH For Autopsy

OAU Postgraduate Student

The body of deceased Masters student of Obafemi Awolowo University is at University Teaching Hospital, Osun.

Late Timothy Adegoke, a postgraduate student of OAU was declared missing.

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It was gathered that Adegoke, a distant learning student, went missing during his exams.

According to online sources, Adegoke who was at Ile-Ife for his exams disappeared from his hotel room. It was obtained from other sources that he lodged at Hilton Hotel in Ile-Ife.

Six persons, including one Raymond Adedoyin, the owner of the hotel he lodged in have been arrested. He was reported to have checked into the hotel before he went missing.

His remains were later found buried in the forest along Ile-Ife-Ede Road.

A Consultant Pathologist of UTH Osun, Dr Waheed Oluogun gave an update on the deceased on Monday.

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Oluogun confirmed that the remains of Timothy Adegoke were at the hospital for autopsy.

He told newsmen that the hospital management was awaiting the presence of a bereaved. The Consultant said this protocol was necessary to begin the autopsy process.

“We are waiting for the relative or pathologist or any physician from the relative of the deceased to be present for the autopsy before we commence the post-mortem examination on the late Timothy Adegoke.

“The hospital can carry out the autopsy with the permission from the deceased’s family lawyer, but a relative still have to be present to re-identify the body so that there will not be any bias in the report,” he said.

Oluogun, said that the autopsy process takes about two hours. However, the result is released in nearly one month.

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He further explained that the result of the autopsy would only be released to the police.

The Pathologist said the family would be available for the process. He said the police would also be present for the process to commence.

Osun State Police Command said the autopsy would commence on Monday, Nov 22.

This he reiterated would take place in the presence of the bereaved family and the police.

Source: The Nations

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