Nigerian Pharmacists Call for Pharmacist Integration into Patient Management Teams

The Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria (AHAPN) has called out some health institutions in Nigeria for not integrating pharmacists into their patient management teams. They encouraged healthcare institutions to set the motion in adjusting their practise.

The Guardian reports that this took place after the 22nd Annual National Scientific Conference at De-Peace Hotel & Suites in Ilorin, Kwara State. The theme of the conference was “Advancing Technological Revolution in Pharmaceutical Service Delivery.” Prof. Patrick Omonua Erah, a Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice, University of Benin, Edo state delivered a keynote address.

The National Chairman of AHAPN, Dr. Kingsley Amibor and the National Secretary, Dr. Hafiz Akande signed a communique which stated “Conference reaffirmed the indispensability concept of the Pharmacist as an integral member of the healthcare team crucial to the delivery of quality healthcare to patients in Nigeria.”

The communique stated that integrating pharmacists into the patient management team in collaborative practices with clinicians  had reduced preventable adverse drug events. This has saved the cost of healthcare to patients. They further called other healthcare institutions which were yet to adopt the model to set machinery in place to achieve it. They mentioned that the practise was the gold standard of practice of Pharmacy across the globe.

AHAPN appreciated the Board of Management of University College Hospital, Ibadan for implementing the circular. They also commended the efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria in realigning the nation’s healthcare system to meet quality standards. They cited the Government’s creation and release of the circular on the Pharmacist Consultant Cadre for Pharmacists in Civil/Public Service in Nigeria.

They re-emphasized that pharmaceutical care was a specialist practise and added that the mission of pharmacy was the bedrock and cornerstone of pharmacy practice in the 21st century era. 

The association reaffirmed that Pharmaceutical care is a specialist practice, adding, “The mission of Pharmacy and a measure of the quality of the Pharmacist’s contributions in the healthcare delivery system remains the bedrock and cornerstone of Pharmacy practice in the twenty-first-century era.

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