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Killer Fish Causes Lassa Fever Outbreak In Kaduna

Killer fish at a cemetery in Kaduna may be responsible for the recent Lassa fever outbreak.

A viral message on WhatsApp has warned people against consuming the killer fish.

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PUNCH reported that a cold room in Sabo Tasha area of Kaduna state offloaded cartons of suspected toxic fishes at the cemetery.

An impeccable source said once passers by spotted the vehicle offloading the fish, they carted away with them to their homes.

This news has been a point of concern on the recent Lassa fever outbreak in Kaduna.

Dr Hamza Ikara, director of Disease Control, Kaduna said Lassa fever has claimed two lives in the state.

He said on Wednesday that the two deaths were a male and female.

Ikara further explained that the cases were recorded in Kubau and Chikun Local Government Areas of the state.

Reports suggest that the residents of Narayi in the Chikun Local Area got infected after consuming suspected toxic fishes at a cemetery.

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A source said that these were the first Lassa fever cases recorded in 2022.

Meanwhile, the director said that contact tracing had already began.

Ikara explained that the Kaduna state government had activated surveillance. This is to enhance case detection and proper treatment to control the spread.

Also, he noted that the risk communication team are on alert.

In a similar report, a WHO doctor died of Lassa fever in Benue state.

A WHO staff and medical doctor, Samuel Nyityo has died of Lassa fever.

Lassa Fever killed Nyityo and two other patients in the recent outbreak in Benue State.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) staff died at Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State.

According to a report obtained from Vanguard on Monday, January 10, Nyityo was referred to the Specialist hospital.

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A source confirmed the death to news correspondents. The source said that the state lost three persons in the recent outbreak.

The source said:

“Lassa fever is in Benue now.

“We lost a colleague, Dr Samuel Nyityo, today.

“I lost two patients last week.

“One ate the rat and took ill.

“I am currently taking prophylaxis (ribavirin) and isolating because I nursed two out of the three people who died.”

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