causes of body odor by best hmo in nigeria

Five Shocking Causes Of Body Odor In Adults

causes of body odor by best hmo in nigeria

Without prejudice, we can all agree that body odor is a common thing that has negative effects on people’s lifestyles.
Though one of the biggest myths about body odor is that sweat causes them, but in reality, sweat is almost completely odorless. Instead, the odor from sweat is actually, due to the processes of bacteria in our sweat.
Body odor is a very common issue, but it is not a welcomed one, hence it affects the quality of the person’s way of life.
Although as earlier stated, bacteria processes in sweat cause body odor, here are some of the shocking reasons why someone you know has body odor.

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But here are some of the causes of body odor

FOOD: Not all body odor starts as a result of bad hygiene, some are as a result of the kind of food we eat. Some foods will make you pass outgas or even belch too much, and some will affect the smell of the urine produced. Although this odor might exist after urinating or even after the food has been digested. If the food is eaten every day, the smell will continue to accumulate, then stay permanent. Examples of this kind of food are asparagus, cabbage, garlic, etc.

SWEET TOOTH: While this might also relate to food, consuming things with too much sugar will only make your body produce too much yeast. One of the side effects of excess yeast is alcohol production in your body. All that work together to create odor and not the sweet kind of odor.

SYNTHETIC CLOTHING: As a woman, there is a kind of discomfort you get when you have synthetic hair, that you do not get when you have real human hair. This is because of the materials used in making the former. Clothes made out of synthetic materials are not breathable. So, when you sweat, instead of air drying it up, it stays on, accumulating and causing that bad smell to grow.

FAVOURITE UNDERWEAR: Don’t we all have that one underwear that makes us feel good? Either boxer for guys or that black bra for the ladies. Overly wearing that one underwear will start to give birth to odor-creating bacterias, so please, wash that bra.

STRESS: While as Nigerians, especially Lagosians, we eat stress for breakfast. We need to understand that the sweat from stress is very different from the regular one. Stress sweat is triggered by emotions and they join with bacteria that will create a suffocating odor.
Which of those causes of body odor are you shocked to find out?

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