Benefits of Having Good Health Insurance In Lagos In 2022


Benefits of Having Good Health Insurance In Lagos In 2022

What is health insurance and how does it work?

You might have asked, how does health insurance work? Health insurance is a contract in which an insurance company agrees to pay for medical expenditures. That is if the insured becomes ill or is in an event that caused the insured to be hospitalized. 

In most cases, health insurance companies in Lagos partner with top hospitals. This partnership allows their customers to have access to cashless treatment. 

If the health insurance company does not have a contract with the hospital, the insured is reimbursed for his or her expenses. The government also encourages people to have one. They do this by making very affordable health insurance plans.

Health insurance in Lagos

Importance of Health Insurance

Quality healthcare is expensive. Especially in private hospitals, so having a health insurance policy for yourself and your family is essential. Hospitalization might drain your bank account and throw your finances off. If the individual who brings in the money is now in a hospital bed, it will be even more difficult. All this can be avoided by paying a simple annual premium that will relieve your tension in the event of a medical emergency. 

A good health insurance plan would often cover a lot. Examples include doctor consultation fees, medical test costs, ambulance charges, hospitalization costs, etc.

Remember that a medical emergency can strike at any time. regardless of your current health or lifestyle. As a result, it is critical to plan ahead of time. Safeguard your family and yourself from any unexpected medical situations. 

To deal with health-related dangers in the future, be prepared and financially secure. If you need to be admitted to the hospital or have surgery, the costs can mount up and deplete your resources. Furthermore, the circumstances, as well as the treatment fees, can put you under a lot of stress.

Also, insurers provide free annual health check-ups to all policyholders. So, you are aware of your health status and can spot a problem early on. These are only a handful of the many benefits of having health insurance. Let’s take a look at some advantages of obtaining insurance coverage.

Medical expenditures are covered.

You can’t foresee when you’ll have a medical problem. If you or a member of your family is diagnosed with a chronic condition, your health insurance plan helps. It will allow you to relax about healthcare expenditures and focus on the treatment process instead. 

The following are some of the advantages/benefits of having health insurance in Lagos:

Cashless Treatment: If you are covered, you will be able to receive cashless treatments. This is because your HMO company will work with a variety of hospital networks.

Transportation Fees: The cost paid to an ambulance for the insured’s transportation is also covered by the insurance plan.

Medical Checkup: Some insurance policies include health checkups as an option. Some insurers will also provide a free health assessment based on your previous NCBs.

Room Rent(Admission Cost): Depending on the plan paid for by the insured. The HMO company may also cover room expenditures.

Enrollees who use the Wellness Plus app even get more benefits, they:

health insurance in Lagos
  • can create their HMO plan without worrying about hospitals and benefits and pay on the app 
  • Pay as low as #25,000 for a year cover to enjoy quality healthcare (about #2000 per MONTH) 
  • can have access to care, even without n HMO plan in less than a minute 
  • get instant access to basic, comprehensive, pre-employment, and cancer health screening 
  • can get access to dental and optical checks with the Wellness Plus app.
  • Book appointments with hospitals to avoid delays and waiting time 
  • can order for drug refill on the wellness plus app 
  • have 24/7 access to the wellness customer experience center on the Wellness plus app

How to Pick the Best Insurance Plan

It’s difficult to choose the best insurance plans because HMO companies in Lagos offer a lot. As a result, some of the key considerations that everyone should make before choosing a plan is:

  • Clauses on renewability and age
  • Inclusion and Exclusion of Room Rent Caps
  • Bonus with no claim
  • Other Advantages

Types of Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Individuals

This coverage covers the costs of health care and hospitalization for the person who has purchased it. The premium for this coverage is calculated based on the insured’s age.

Corporate Health Plan

This health insurance is designed just for corporate entities, with several benefits and services you can’t imagine.

Family & Personal Health Plan

Under this insurance, an individual can ensure all members of his or her family. As against a variety of diseases with a single policy. A family health plan provides a defined sum of money for family members, which can be used by all members of the family or by one person.

Procedure for Filing a Health Insurance Claim

Health insurance plans allow you to receive the greatest medical treatment. You can do this without having to worry about the astronomical fees that will be due at the time of release. 

As a result, understanding the claim process is critical information that the insured individual should have at all times. When filing a claim, an individual can pick between two primary forms of health insurance claims:

  • Procedure for Making a Cashless Claim
  • Reimbursement Procedure for Making a Claim

When the insured person gives the hospital his or her health insurance information, he or she begins to get care. The hospital will send the medical costs to the specified health insurance company after discharge. The corporation will then conduct an audit of the expenses and pay the hospital the balance owed.

Because the funds are split between the hospital and the insurance company, this process is painless for the insured. 

The insured person who has been admitted to a certain hospital pays for the full treatment till discharge in the reimbursement claim process.

After the insurer has paid for the treatment and hospitalization charges, the insurer must file a reimbursement claim with the specific insurance company. The covered person will submit original hospital bills to the health insurance company and request reimbursement.

The insurance company will examine the claim before deciding whether to approve or deny it. The claim will be made to the policyholder once the insurance company has approved it. If a claim is denied, the insurance company will notify the insured person.

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