Snake in the toilet

Five Efficient and Affordable Ways To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Toilet

Snake in the toilet

Five Efficient and Affordable Ways To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Toilet

Snakes are found throughout the world. Except in Antarctica, they can be found in Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, and New Zealand, where there are only a few hundred species. Only about 200 (or 7%) of the 600 poisonous species are capable of killing or injuring humans.

This means that Nigeria and other countries must deal with these reptiles that aren’t nice to humans daily – and over 600 of them are deadly! And now, we have them coming out of our toilets!

Right now, we have started paying more attention to our toilets, out of fear of snake. This new fear started to grow more in Nigerians after news broke about the NAF officer that died as a result of a snake bite in her toilet. 

Many people, including Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy, have expressed worry. While others, like actress Tonto Dike, have sought alternative restrooms. Yet, more news about snakes in the toilet keeps sprouting.

How do they get inside the toilet?

Snakes in the toilet

A snake may be a reptile that will blend in with its surroundings. They can slip through any opening without being noticed. As a result, it can enter the restroom through connection points like drains or vents. Dangerous areas include drains that link to the restroom tank within the house’s bathroom. A snake can’t tell the difference between a squat toilet and a regular toilet. The riskiest area is assumed to be the basement bathroom.

This animal is unable to survive in a soakaway. They’ll die from the gas alone in your soakaway. According to some researchers, the amount of heatwave in that soakaway could produce electricity

We know you have concerns, we’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We’ll look at five highly efficient strategies to keep them out from your house and space in this article.

Remove any potential food sources for them. 

Eliminating snake food sources is the simplest approach to keep the reptile at bay, according to experts. Given that they feed on smaller animals such as rodents, lizards, and geckos. It’s critical to remove these’ snake foods’ by cleaning the house of clutter, removing waste, and removing musty odors.

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Clear the bush around

Always confirm that each one of the grass around your property is removed. Make sure they are burned to stay any rats or reptiles far away from your home. These bushes and green grasses make a good hiding spot for snakes.

Explore your property and the area around it regularly.

Always inspect for holes or vulnerabilities where a snake could slither into the house. Look especially around the drain or a leak from the tank. This is often the foremost commonplace for a snake to intrude into the house without being seen. If there’s a danger, you ought to hurry or close the opening.

Place a sieve along the sewer line.

Snakes in the toilet

Examine the septic and drain systems. Instruct the technician to put in a grill or net large enough to keep snakes from crawling up the hookah resulting in the general public drain.

Many people may regard a snake entering the toilet to be a far-reaching narrative. But, it is a problem that can occur in any home. We will never know when the snake in our house first appeared. As a result, we must safeguard ourselves first. It has the potential to be fatal if it occurs. 

But as the best HMO in Nigeria, we tell you to take this little advice to heart.

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