HIV in women

346 Women Die From HIV Infections In Adamawa State

HIV in women

There has been a report from Adamawa State that 346 women in the state died from HIV infection.

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Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri said this at the commemoration of the 2021 World AIDS Day.

Speaking at the state capital, Yola on Wednesday, he noted that HIV remains the leading cause of death.

He said this death affected women within the age bracket of 15-49 years, globally.

Finitiri explained that despite the progress in prevention and treatment of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV still threatens the lives of many.

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“By the end of 2020, 346 women on HIV drugs died in Adamawa State.

“HIV/AIDS is fueled by inequalities. It is morally wrong that some people can get treatment and live long lives, while others have no access to health care and die. It is no longer news that my administration has taken concrete and deliberate steps to expand equitable access to quality healthcare in Adamawa,” he said.

The Governor vowed to intensify his efforts in sensitizing citizens in the state about HIV. He further said that his administration would do more in health and social protection to end the disease.

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Governor Fintiri stated that access to quality healthcare is a human right. He added that his administration is bridging the geographical and demographic barriers to reach this goal.

He said the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) has been signed into law. VAPP is a law that protects victims and punishes offenders.

“We must collectively end the gender/power imbalances that are driving HIV risk and vulnerability. We must champion gender equality and empower young women and girls to transform our societies,” he said.

The Governor also vowed to support free education to encourage female children. Governor Fintiri acknowledged that girl-child education is very important.

Source: Guardian

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