Skin diseases

WHO Raises Alarm On Neglected Skin Diseases In 2022

Skin diseases

WHO Raises Alarm On Neglected Skin Diseases In 2022

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The World Health Organisation has raised the alarm on skin-related Neglected Skin Diseases.

Building awareness of the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) is aimed at reducing their spread.

The NTD awareness targets creating a viable framework for its control and management. This is done through:

  • Common learning platforms.
  • Capacity-building for case detection.
  • Delivery of treatment.

In a press statement released on its website on Tuesday, the agency spoke on skin diseases. According to the agency, skin diseases had afflicted hundreds of millions of people. This is often a result of immense discomfort, suffering, stigmatisation, and mental distress’.

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“As they mar the quality of life of ‘‘mostly marginalised populations in remote rural areas.”

WHO’s leading health expert on skin NTDs, Dr. Kingsley Asiedu, while analysing the steps needed to arrest the situation, noted that only a well-coordinated framework could nip in the bud the challenges posed by skin diseases across the globe, in consonance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

It added:

“The operational cross-cutting approaches for integrating activities and data-reporting will improve the monitoring and evaluation of all skin NTDs.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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