Wellness Healthcare Launches Pharmaceutical E-Commerce, PHARMACENTRE


Wellness Healthcare Launches Pharmaceutical E-Commerce, PHARMACENTRE.

Wellness Healthcare Group has launched the best Pharmaceutical E-commerce marketplace named PHARMACENTRE.

The Pharma E-commerce platform was launched barely two months after Wellness Plus App was launched.

This pharmaceutical milestone was launched in Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria on April 20, 2022.

Taking the pharmaceutical marketplace into a technological mileage is the goal of the PHARMACENTRE. The Group Managing Director and CEO of Wellness Healthcare Group, Pharm Adetutu Afolabi disclosed this at the launch.

She spoke about the inadequacies and medical gap the pharmaceutical e-commerce would conquer.

From the cost of drugs to proximity and comparison, PHARMACENTRE would be home to a healthier continent.

Victor Afolabi, Founder of Hazon Holdings.

Founder of Hazon Holdings Limited, the parent company of Wellness Healthcare Group, Pharm Victor Afolabi, applauded the initiative.

Pharmacentre: A Collaboration of Pharmacists

He stressed the importance of embracing technological advancement in all sectors. Victor Afolabi who is also the life partner of Adetutu Afolabi explained that collaboration has been the key to technological advancement.

Using the banking sector in Nigeria and inter-switch, he explained the convergence through collaboration.

His words: “The banks have embraced the switch in technological growth.

“The banks are not competing anymore like it was in the past. In the past, you can only deposit or withdraw from the branch an account was created but that is not the case today. Banking has become seamless that you can easily make transactions with the use of an ATM. This is because banks have embraced the switch.”

The Director of the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN) Lagos Zonal Office, Dr Ukamaka Okafor, commended the initiative.

Director of the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN) Lagos Zonal Office, Dr Ukamaka Okafor.

She said the E-Commerce platform has raised the bar for young and budding Pharmacists in Nigeria.

Also, Representing the ACPN National President, Pharm Oladigbolu Adewale, Pharm Lawrence Ekhator spoke on the importance of technological utilization.

Pharm Lawrence Ekhator.

In his speech, he urged everyone to become masters of technological gadgets and not fashionistas of these gadgets.

Some of the special guests in attendance were:

  • MD/CEO Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Pharm Stella Okoli.
  • Co-founder of Digital Encode Limited, Dr Peter Adewale Obadare.
  • President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Prof Cyril Usifo.
  • MD/CEO Medplus Pharmacy Ltd, Pharm Adejoke Bakare.
  • MD/CEO World Wide Ventures, Santosh Kumar.
  • Director Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, Lagos Zonal Office, Dr Ukamaka Okafor.

The other special guests were:

  • Chairman, Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria (AHAPN), Lagos Chapter, Pharm. Modupe Oyawole.
  • Chairman, National Association of Industrial Pharmacists (NAIP), Pharm. Ken Onuegbu.
  • National Chairperson, Association of Lady Pharmacists (ALPs), Pharm. Victoria Ukwu.
  • Chairperson, Association of Lady Pharmacists, Lagos Chapter, Dr Afusat Adeshina.
  • Chairman, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter, Pharm. Iyiola Gbolagade.
  • Chairman, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors Association of Nigeria (PWDAN), Pharm. Ernest Okafor.
  • Coordinator, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria – Young Pharmacists’Group, Lagos State, Pharm. Bukunola Ogundele.
  • Pharm. Lekan Asuni.
  • Pharm. Chuka Okoli
  • Pharm. Yinka Oduneye

The deal-breaker is to reach as many hospitals in time of crisis through proper networking of medical suppliers and hospitals.


In a brief history of the initiative, Pharm Adetutu Afolabi gave an account of interpersonal communication used to access quality drugs when a hospital or pharmaceutical outlet is in dire need of them.

According to her, “we started a WhatsApp Group to reach out to colleagues who needed drugs. We would call on one other to make enquiries and the drugs were supplied. This worked in a short-term space, however, we understood that reaching a larger group would help solve this problem on a wider scale.

“Lives could be saved; time could be saved and energy would be saved. Also, accessibility to quality medical care would become seamless.”

The trained Pharmacist described the need for this initiative as the technological aid to boosting health and saving lives.

Her words: “A medical doctor shouldn’t be stranded in offering care to patients in times of emergency. We believe this platform should reach a lot of people.”

This Pharma e-commerce will help:

Save Lives:

The goal of every healthcare giver and health provider is to save lives. The use of drugs in treating illness cannot be swept under the carpet. This is why having a pharmacist is important in the mix and saving lives. Without a pharmacist, a pharmaceutical outlet and a drug distribution and a simple drug prescription is just a wishful-thinking in the hands of a doctor.

Group Managing Director, Wellness Healthcare Group, Pharm Adetutu Afolabi.

PHARMACENTRE is the active body that secures and protects the lives of a patient during a health emergency.

Saves Money:

The goal of E-Commerce is to bring to clients or customers the option to choose. Choices are made based on the quality, quantity and cost of a product.

Research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) obtained from BMJ Open, the leading cause of death from terminal diseases is as a result of cost.

In a country that is not economically buoyant, cost plays a crucial role in healthcare supply.

To solve this problem, PHARMACENTRE has exposed customer to a variety of outlets that suits the pocket of their patients.

So, the death rate will be curbed and reduced to the barest minimum.

Saves Energy:

Technology is known to conserve energy and reduce stress. Just like a machine, it makes work easier. Instead of sending a procurement officer to hit the road for medical supplies, a click on the phone solves this problem. This is why every hospital must have PHARMACENTRE saved on the internet devices. The need of a patient is readily available to the health expert who is administering care.

This development would be moving pharmaceutical e-commerce to a convergence of products, pharmacists and easy accessibility to medical care.

The e-commerce space solves:

  • Delay of drug supply.
  • Scarcity of drugs.
  • Collaboration of professional pharmacists.
  •  Accessibility to quality medicine.
  • Verification of drug prescription.

The parties that would benefit from this initiative are:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors.
  • Pharmacists.
  • Patients.

Who does PHARMACENTRE cater for:

  • Every individual.
  • Business to business.
  • Business to Consumer.
  • Telemedicine through various Health Insurance.
  • Pharmacists and doctors.

Wellness PHARMACENTRE caters for B2B pharmaceutical outlets, telemedicine and business to patient pharmaceutical needs.

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