Ukraine Crisis

UN Food Chief Reveals ‘Famine’ In Coming Years Over Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis

UN Food chief has said there would be global famine in coming years over the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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The head of the United Nations World Food Programme, David Beasley said this as Russia and Ukraine war extends to March.

Beasley warned that war would cause a huge shock in Africa and the Middle East. The impact of the shockwave would be a massive migration crisis.

The Food chief, however, said that this can be prevented if the Western leaders can salvage the situation. He urged the Western leaders to rise to the occasion by planning against food shortages.

Russia-Ukraine Crisis Could Cause Famine – UN

According to his review on the crisis, there is a global 25% decrease in food production. This is because both Russia and Ukraine contribute 25% to the global production of food.

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They are both responsible for the production of wheat, fertiliser and other key agricultural residue.

In a chat with Politico, Beasley laments that the world is already one billion short of food supply. He added that should it continues, there would be famine in the coming year.

“We’re billions short. Failure to provide this year with a few extra billion dollars means you’re going to have famine, destabilization and mass migration.

“If you think we’ve got h#ll on earth now, you just get ready.

“If we neglect northern Africa, northern Africa’s coming to Europe.

“If we neglect the Middle East, the Middle East is coming to Europe,” he explained.

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He continued that the World Food Programme is already feeding millions. Beasley explained that scarcity of food would affect the cost. This would, in turn, affect African countries in the Sahel like Burkina Faso and Niger that rely on the WFP.

“I’ve been warning our developed nations for several years now that the Sahel is going to collapse if we’re not careful.

“What do you think is going to happen in Paris and Chicago and Brussels when there’s not enough food?

“It’s easy to sit on your high horse in your ivory tower when you’re not the one starving.”

Source: AFP

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