hormone grown catfish

Two Strong Reasons Why You Must Stop Eating Hormone Grown Chicken, Catfish

hormone grown catfish

Two Strong Reasons Why You Must Stop Eating Hormone Grown Chicken, Catfish

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Health experts have revealed two strong reasons why eating hormone grown chicken and catfishes is dangerous.

They said that these hormonal chemicals cause:

  1. Human resistance to drugs
  2. Cancer.

The Experts who spoke to newsmen about the hormonal chemicals are:

  • Nigerian Institute of Animal Science, Mr Adeoye Adetoyi.
  • Veterinary doctor, George Chidozie.
  • Doctor Oluwaseun Ayepada.

They advised relevant regulatory bodies to stop the use of banned growth promoters in rearing animals in Nigeria.

Adeoti said the use of hormonal growth promoters has been outlawed in the country. This is because they are harmful for human use and consumption.

Despite this ban, some livestock breeders still use them to rear animals.

A veterinary doctor in Abia Chidozie confirmed the hazards of consuming animals using these HGPs.

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His words:

“Those using hormonal growth promoters in animals are risking the lives of the consumers. It is not advisable for human consumption.

“Those antibiotics have been banned for use in animals. If the antibiotics and some other medications that are intended for human use are used on the livestock, the major long-term effect is that these chemicals or drugs will be stuck in the tissues of those animals and when humans consume them, they end up consuming different residues from the meat and as a human being, when you use similar drugs, you begin to develop resistance to such drugs.

“Most notable is that some of them begin to form radical cells in the system of humans and these radical cells start forming tumours and cancers. That is why they shouldn’t be used in products meant for human consumption.”

Cancerous Hormone Grown Catfish

Ayepada told PUNCH Health Wise that consuming catfish bred with hormonal drugs exposes a person to cancer.

He explained:

“Growth hormones are banned but some animal farmers still use them, especially in the production of fish.

“When it comes to catfish, the male fish are bigger than females because of that some farmers would want their fish to have an average size and to achieve this, they use growth hormones on them.”

He explained further that in spite of the good result in terms of animal growth, the consequences are dire.

His words: “In spite of the good result people get, it does not compare to the bad result it gives because these growth hormones, when consumed in large quantities, increase the endocrine hormones and the long-term effect is cancer.

“Those who consume it in large quantities come down with cancer and those hormones are the major cause of cancer in humans.”


An anonymous executive of the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science warned against the growth promoters.

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He suggested that farmers should opt for probiotics and prebiotics which are recommended in rearing animals.

The Executive said:

 “Growth promoters have been outlawed because some of those growth promoters have effects on human beings, the consumers.

“There’s a legislation that bars the use of growth promoters and people are not using it as they used to. The majority of the people are no longer using growth promoters.

“The same thing goes for chicken, there are some growth promoters that affect the consumers in the long run.

“On the contrary, what we now use is probiotics and prebiotics which modify the environment of the stomach of the animal that will promote the growth of bacteria that are positive and will not have an effect on human beings.”

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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