Bed Wet bedwetting

Two Strong Reasons Some Male, Female Adults Bed Wet – Urologist

Bed Wet bedwetting

Two Strong Reasons Some Male, Female Adults Bed Wet – Urologist

A Urologist has revealed the two major causes why male and female adults bet wet.

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Dr Gabriel Ogah, a Consultant Urologist from Ogah Hospital and Urology Centre, Furgar, Edo State, made this known.

Speaking with PUNCH Health Wise correspondent he listed the following causes why adults bed wet. They are:

  • Urinary problems from the brain for women.
  • Enlarged prostrate for men

He describes bed wetting as urinary incontinence.

Bed wet: What is Urinary Incontinence?

The medical expert describes this as a condition where one is unable to control urinating.

Dr Ogah explained that the condition results from weakened or lost Urinary Sphincter.

He said that age, pelvic organ prolapses and enlarged prostate can cause urinary incontinence.

Ogah said that the condition is predominant in women than men. He explained that this can be as a result of childbirth, fibroid and urinary problems from the brain. The Urologist said the inability to control one’s desire to urinate also affects bed wetting.

“Even at night, they produce excess urine or ladies may bed wet because they have something blocking the exit of the urine from their bladder when you have a urethral infection,” he said.

For the men folks, he said that urinary incontinence could result from prostate enlargement. This commonly occurs with men in their 60s and 70s.

He further explained that elderly women can have urinary incontinence if they have a prolapse.

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His words: “Normally before a person passes urine, you have to decide that the time is appropriate, the environment is appropriate and you decide consciously to pass urine. 

“When you are not ready to pass it, then you hold it until it’s convenient. But, when the urine comes out on its own without you being in total control, we will say it’s urinary incontinence.

“The causes depend on the age of children. Some children are born with it and we call it bedwetting. We have some children who bed wet when they go to bed and they outgrow it when they become older. But some children bed wet all through the time they are in secondary school.”

“We have adults who bed wet but the causes differ for both male and female.”

“For men, bedwetting is not as common as it is for women or children. When a male adult bed wets, it is because they have an enlarged prostate which is blocking their flow of urine so that when they lie down, the urinary bladder is distended with urine and will not be able to control the urine.

“So an old man who is 60 or 75 goes to bed and wet it usually because there is a blockage on the urinary flow due to prostate.  

“Then a man may also have urinary incontinence after a prostate operation,” he said.

He, however acknowledged that childbirth could affect a woman’s urinary organ.

He said, “After they give birth to lots of children, after menopause, the pelvic floor of the virginal wall is weak and you find that the womb tends to come down and we call that urethral prolapse.”

Treatment for Urinary Incontinence

The Urologist said the condition can be treated with medication and surgery.

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He, however, advised anyone experiencing urinary incontinence to see a doctor or healthcare provider.

“If women have urinary incontinence due to prolapse, you treat it either by conservative means or by surgery. If they have fibroid causing incontinence, they can also treat it. There are also drugs you can take that will control it.

“When elderly men have incontinence due to enlarged prostate, we treat it either by medication or with an operation. 

“For both men and women, there are also artificial urinary sphincters you can put to prevent incontinence,” he said.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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