Health check up - blood work

Top 4 Health Check ups That Are Important For People In Their 30s In Nigeria

Health check up - blood work

Top 4 Health Check ups That Are Important For People In Their 30s In Nigeria

The annual health check up should be the new standard. Putting off going to the hospital or obtaining a health test until an emergency arises is a dangerous habit. These habits need to be broken now that the pandemic has taught us a lot.

A simple blood test can detect potential health problems before they become serious. When you see your doctor and have your lab tests done on a regular basis, you can catch health problems or diseases early.

Medical check-ups on a regular basis are an excellent method to stay on top of your health and wellness. It’s easy to believe that we’re well and don’t need a health checkup. But regular medical checks can help you spot any health dangers early. For those that have few or no physical symptoms, such as Hypertension, you’ll find rapid and long-term remedies.

Medical Check-Up: Top 7 Reasons You Need Regular Checkup

You are taking crucial steps toward living a longer, better life by prioritizing your health checks and treatment. Early identification increases your chances of receiving the best therapy possible and avoiding problems.

Health check up - blood work

Patients who see their doctors on a regular basis are in better health than those who do not. It is preferable to avoid illness than to treat it.

People are afraid of being diagnosed with something serious, which is one of the reasons they avoid routine medical checkups.

Many people are nervous about going to the doctor because they are afraid of being diagnosed with anything life-threatening. However, it is preferable to have a full medical examination so that you may learn about your present health status, discover hazardous health concerns early, and determine what you may need to do to keep healthy.

Why is it necessary for me to do my health check up?

Examine your health for any present or potential medical issues.

Examine your chances of developing medical problems in the future.

Encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Costs of healthcare are reduced.

By the age of 30, what medical exams are recommended?


Get your health check up, very fast at affordable prices.

It is typically suggested that you receive a comprehensive physical examination by the age of 30, including routine cholesterol testing.

Cardiac problems are unpredictable and might occur at any time. An ECG (Electro Cardiogram) Test is a useful instrument that may be used to identify the health of the heart in people who don’t have any symptoms of heart disease but are at risk of developing diseases and conditions in the future. The findings can also be used to assess risk factors and propose lifestyle changes that can help keep your heart healthy as you get older.

Genetic testing

ECG - Health Check up

Genetic testing is an important tool for detecting early indications and symptoms that can reveal mutations and predict the chance of acquiring specific illnesses or diseases. It may also offer you with information to help you better combat the danger. Some preventive genetic tests can also alert you to DNA changes, cancer risk, and other issues. Genetic testing can be a good baby-proofing measure to protect your future child’s health if you are planning to have a child.

Lipid Profile Test

A thorough lipid profile test may reveal the ins and outs of your cholesterol levels, both good and bad, as well as offer you an indication of your heart’s health. After the age of 30, getting comprehensive exams every two years can be beneficial. Annual screenings can help you avoid heart issues, obesity, or diabetes if you have a family history of these conditions. Aim for a healthy value of LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins) less than 130 and HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins) greater than 60.

Liver Function Test

Lipid Test - Health check up

Liver chemistry tests, which record the levels of specific physiological enzymes, proteins, and triglycerides, can help you evaluate how healthy your liver is and screen for illnesses like hepatitis. Liver health charts can also be used to determine and track the progression of illnesses and therapies. Once you reach your 30s, getting a pre-emptive screening every other year could be a wise precaution.

Pap smear/ Colonoscopy Tests

Regular pap smears are suggested for women, with the frequency of testing, as well as HPV tests, increasing beyond the age of 30. These tests can assist detect changes in the cervix, as well as prevent and detect symptoms of cervical cancer and other life-threatening infections.

Colonoscopy tests are required for men once again. While such tests are typically performed after the age of 45-50, doctors recommend that men begin testing in their 30s, especially if they have a first-degree relative or a family history of colon cancer. Tests can be used to look for indicators of intestinal issues, such as bleeding and to screen for colon cancer.

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