Three Strong Reasons Why Locally Made Insecticides Must Be Avoided


Three Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Locally Made Insecticide

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A health expert has warned Nigerians to stop using locally made insecticides.

Dr Abdullahi Namadi, a Public Health Specialist said some of these insecticides are prepared with unknown chemicals that can be dangerous to their health.

Namadi who is also the Director of the Jigawa State Ministry of Health said the insecticide can cause:

  • Brain Damage.
  • Breathing Problems.
  • Central Nervous Systems and respiratory problems.

Another deadly effect of the chemicals is:

  • Skin cancer.
  • Kidney damage.

He explained further that a person is exposed to these chemicals through:

  • Skin absorption.
  • Inhalation.
  • Ingestion.
  • Eye contact.

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Namadi told a health correspondent that these locally produced insecticides are made with pyrethroids and pyrethrins chemicals among other dangerous chemicals.

According to him, these chemical components are mixed in certain proportions for domestic use.

He explained:

 “So, if not carefully managed, and the producers put high concentrations of these chemicals, they become unhealthy to humans because the way the body is made up, is similar to that of other organisms as well.

“So, the way it is affecting the organism you are trying to kill, the way it will affect humans. That is why when you use such chemicals, you will start having irritation immediately. And that shows the concentration is too much for the body. 

“That is why after coming in contact with these chemicals, sometimes, you start having itching on your nose, throat and pain as well. That shows the concentration is too high and if care is not taken, it can affect the whole system in the body.

“Because by the time the chemicals get into the respiratory system, the person will start having breathlessness. And by having breathlessness, it is affecting the respiratory system.”

He called on the government to regulate the production of these insecticides over their deadly side effects.

Namadi continued “Again, it can cause cancer of the skin. So, these chemicals are really dangerous. 

“Also, when these chemicals get into the system, it is one of the causes of kidney damage that we are having in the country because they affect almost all the systems in the body.

“It is very important we regulate the way these chemicals are used. Otherwise, we will kill ourselves without knowing what we are doing.

 “Some of the people selling these insecticides don’t know the danger of what they are doing.

 “Unfortunately, the regulatory agencies are not doing much to curtail what is happening.”

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The physician said children and pregnant women should avoid these chemicals.

The World Health Organisation said an estimated 12.6 million people die annually from living in an unhealthy environment.

“Environmental risk factors, such as air, water and soil pollution, chemical exposures, climate change, and ultraviolet radiation, contribute to more than 100 diseases and injuries”, says WHO.
Source: Punch HealthWise

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