Starvation In Africa To Hit An Alarming 38 Million By June 2022


Starvation In Africa To Hit An Alarming 38 Million By June 2022.

Hungry Persons In Africa To Hit An Alarming 38 Million By June 2022 – Research

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Some research analysts have predicted that starvation in Africa would reach a massive 38 million persons by June 2022.

This was confirmed by 11 international organisations. These firms work closely with the European Union in Emergencies. 

This new report says that West Africa is hit by its worst food crisis In a decade. This is because 27 million more Africans in the region would go hungry.

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It claimed that this is a historic down surge in the increase of hunger on the continent.

In West Africa, between 2015 and 2022, the rise in hunger had gone from 7 million to 27million. This is an alarming surge in the rise of food crises and hunger. This update alone affects the West African region of the continent.

Among the worst-hit countries reported in the report are:

  • Nigeria.
  • Niger.
  • Burkina Faso.
  • Chad.
  • Mali.

Oxfam’s regional director for West and Central Africa, Assalama Sidi said food shortages had already started affecting many.

Sidi said:

“Cereal production in some parts of the Sahel has dropped by about a third compared to last year. 

“Family food supplies are running out. Drought, floods, conflict, and the economic impacts of COVID-19 have forced millions of people from their land, pushing them to the brink.”

The Director of Save The Children, West and Central Africa, While Adapoe, over possible malnutrition in children.

Adapoe said:

” The situation is forcing hundreds of thousands of people to move to different communities and to live with host families who are already living in difficult conditions. There is not enough food, let alone nutritious food enough for children. We must help them urgently because their health, future and lives are at risk.”

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According to the UN estimates;

6.3 million children from 6-59 months will be malnourished.

1.4 million children would be acutely malnourished.

Wellness Health News had reported that following the war between Russia and Ukraine, the global food supply would drop by 25 per cent.
Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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