Shocking! Patient Gets Four Kidneys After Kidney Transplant


Shocking! Patient Gets Four Kidneys After Kidney Transplant

46-year-old Stuart Middleton has experienced a shock after finding out he had four kidneys.

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Middleton who had recently undergone two major surgeries woke up to this reality shortly after his operation.

Speaking with the BBC, Stuart said that he now carries four kidneys instead of two.

He further explained that he had no idea the other old kidneys were left after the transplant.

Four Kidneys

The Scotland based man said he had no idea that the failed kidneys would be kept inside.

His words: “I was shocked and surprised when I found out. I had no idea they had left the old kidneys inside me too.”

A decade ago, before the surgery, Stuart had suffered migraines and stomach pain. He later learned that he had Berger’s disease.

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What is Berger disease?

This is a kidney disease that occurs as a result of a build-up of antibodies in the kidney. This build-up is often called immunoglobulin. The buildup of immunoglobulin causes the inability of the kidney to filter waste from the blood.

According to Kidney Research UK, Berger causes kidney failure. Kidney Research UK, a leading kidney research charity said it was a common practice to leave the failed kidneys in patients.

Professor Lorna Marson, the Kidney Research UK spokeswoman and transplant surgeon explained it.

According to her, there was no need to remove the failed kidney. Marson added that removing the kidney was a big operation that should be carried out when it is necessary.

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The surgeon explained:

 “It is actually quite common for transplant patients to have four kidneys. Transplants don’t last forever, so people often need more than one.

“The original kidneys would only be removed if they were causing problems, such as repeated infections, or if a patient has multiple cysts on their kidneys and they become very large, leaving no room for the transplanted kidney to go in.”

She further clarified that a patient would have a maximum of four kidneys after several transplants.

“Once this is reached, one of the transplanted kidneys is taken out,” she added.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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